Friday, October 15, 2010

GERD or Ulcer? IBS. Cargo Trailer.

"If you're getting a burning sensation in your gut, it could be:
  1. A case of heartburn
  2. A stomach ulcer
How do you tell the difference?
Pinpoint the Pain
The location of the pain is one of the easiest ways to tell whether stomach discomfort is more likely to be heartburn or an ulcer. Ulcer pain tends to occur in the abdominal area -- especially just above the belly button -- but people experiencing heartburn (as well as the more serious form of heartburn -- GERD) typically feel pain in the chest and throat.
Another way to distinguish between the two: Often, eating makes stomach ulcers feel better but typically makes heartburn and GERD symptoms worse.
Think of your last bout of belly pain, and answer these questions to see what it might be."
What are the causes of peptic ulcers?
"For many years, excess acid was believed to be the major cause of ulcer disease. Accordingly, treatment emphasis was on neutralizing and inhibiting the secretion of stomach acid.
While acid is still considered significant in ulcer formation, the leading cause of ulcer disease is currently believed to be infection of the stomach by a bacteria called "Helicobacter pyloricus" (H. pylori).
Another major cause of ulcers is the chronic use of anti-inflammatory medications, commonly referred to as NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), including aspirin. Cigarette smoking is also an important cause of ulcer formation and ulcer treatment failure."
More at:

Peptic Ulcer Illustration - Peptic Ulcer Disease

Stomach Pain After Eating

"Stomach pain after eating is a common occurrence among people who are fond of eating too much food.
Many who experience stomach pain come from people who are obese and one fourth of it occurs in children. There are many cause of abdominal pain after eating and these are:
  • Ulcer – The most likely cause of pain after eating. The ulcer may be in the upper intestine, stomach or duodenum. The reason for the pain is due to the acid or food, which irritates the ulcer. Alternatively, if the ulcer obstructs the exit from the stomach to the duodenum, this may lead to stomach pain after eating. This type of obstruction is accompanied by vomiting and nausea after eating
  • Irritable bowel syndrome – Is a gastro intestinal disorder, predominantly characterized by severe abdominal pain, discomfort, bloating and stomach cramps. It is often accompanied by diarrhea or constipation and mostly occurred on adults.
  • Chronic mesenteric insufficiency – Is a condition similar to coronary artery disease. During meals, as the demand for blood supply in the intestinal tract rises, the vessels are not able to supply this increased demand, thus the pain occurs."
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"What is GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease) and what are the symptoms?
Heartburn, or reflux, occurs when small amounts of stomach acid rise up into the esophagus, or the "swallowing" tube that carries food from the mouth to the stomach.
The esophagus, unlike the stomach, does not have a protective lining, so when it is exposed to the acid, it can become inflamed and painful.  
More in article.
Can children get GERD?
What is IBS?
Do spicy food and stress cause stomach ulcers?
Does smoking a cigarette help relieve heartburn?
Does bowel regularity mean a bowel movement every day?
Is it ok to use of enemas to treat constipation?
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Skirt Ulcers with This Salad Topper:

Tomorrow is National Boss Day:

Lovely weather, which makes one want to work outside, so Ray, Jay and I tackled the cargo trailer with gusto.
Ray was preparing the two outside walls for painting by trimming off all the old silicone and caulk that someone had gooped on the seams.

The cargo trailer went to the mechanic/welder like this.


He wanted the floor cut out to be able to repair the damaged outriggers, so it came back like this, with about six inches of floor left all the way round.


But he welded new beams all the way across, to make it extra sturdy.

Jay and I cut out the rest of the floor, so it looks like this.  Now we can deadwood it, and lay a new floor.

I can't haul 8' long sheets of plywood in my van, so we took the exact measurements, so that the lumber yard can cut it so it will fit in the van.

That is as far as we got today.


Sandra said...

You're lucky your lumber yard will cut to size for you. Up here, ours don't do any cutting.

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Thank you for your comment, Sandra.
Here it is standard that they will do one cut for free. Extra they charge you.
They have a lovely upright saw set up, and they lean the plywood on it and 'zip' they run the saw down it.
If they hadn't, we would have just have taken a cordless saw with us.
Happy Trails, Penny, TX