Monday, October 11, 2010

Fall Colors. Columbus Day.

Forest Service turns on fall colors hotline  1-800-354-4595

"National Forest Service officials have turned on the Fall Colors 2010 Hotline - 1-800-354-4595 to provide leaf peepers with the latest information about fall foliage color changes on Forest Service lands.

"Thousands of people take trips each autumn on national forests to see the spectacular show of colors," said Tom Tidwell, Chief of the U.S. Forest Service. "Our national forests offer some of the country's best vistas to view fall colors and magnificent landscapes, and they offer an ideal setting for families to get outdoors and learn about trees and changing colors."

It is also a great time to be boondocking in our national forests, before it gets too cold. Crowds are gone, the forests are quiet, and the color changes can be noticeable from day to day.
Forest Service employees are keeping tabs on the changing hues.

The Fall Colors 2010 Website has links to individual forest fall colors sites and also includes Frequently Asked Questions about why leaves change colors and what happens after the leaves fall."

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I was very surprised when I found some places open today, Columbus Day.

Our water company office takes off every Friday afternoon, but were open today, so I didn't have to put my payment in the drop-box.


Then I called the place about my Medicare related paperwork, and they were open, too.  That really floored me, and so I went there today.  That will save me a trip into the next town tomorrow.

Needless to say, she needed a copy of one more piece of paper, so I had to come home to get that.  She wouldn't be back from lunch until 12.15, so I was able to quickly run into Walmart to get some necessities.  One being, a new florescent light bulb for over my kitchen sink.  That went out days ago, and the other kitchen lights just don't cut it.  Another time when the little 12v. cooler in the van was invaluable for keeping milk etc. cold, while I was waiting to be seen about the paperwork.


The people who were coming to buy the almond skirting that I advertised on Craigslist yesterday, called that they were 2 hours early, so I had to rush home.  They took all the short pieces and will be back tomorrow for the long ones.

But I got most of what I had to do, done today.

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