Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Chilean Miners. Talking Cats. Orphan Manatee. Collars

At least these poor men will soon see the light of day, see the video of how they plan to do it.


This 41-pound baby manatee was rescued from the waters of Daytona Beach, Florida after being orphaned by its mother. SeaWorld animal care specialists now feed the calf every three hours with a special nutrient-rich baby formula to help her gain weight.
Park veterinarians hope their efforts pay off and one day the manatee will be returned to the wild.
INTERESTING FACT - October 2010 has 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays and 5 Sundays, all in 1 month.  It happens once in 823 years.
Does your cat wear a collar?
Happy, collar-wearing cat
"Very few cats ever find their way home if they escape or are lost.
According to Dr. Linda Lord, an assistant professor of preventive medicine at The Ohio State University, who led a study on the issue of cats and collars:
"The return-to-owner rate is abysmal for cats. Fewer than 2 percent of lost cats are returned to their owners. If we could get cat owners to try using a collar with identification, it would be a big deal."
And per DVM Newsmagazine:
In one community, 40 percent of lost cats were indoor-only cats. Also free-roaming cats without collars are likely to be fed by strangers, thereby reducing the likelihood that they will return home, or ignored as strays, the university reports.

Indoor Cats DO Get Outdoors

Even if your kitty lives entirely indoors, there’s always a chance he might wind up outside somehow.
All cats are curious, and since your indoor feline has explored every inch of your home, a door to the outside standing open will peak his interest right away.
Most indoor kitties, if they get outside, will bolt at the first unfamiliar sound. "
More at: http://healthypets.mercola.com/sites/healthypets/archive/2010/10/07/importance-of-pet-cat-collars.aspx
The man didn't come to pick up the long parts of the almond skirting when he said he would.  As it wasn't all paid for, Ray and I hid it, so he couldn't just come along and steal it.  The cargo/stealth trailer is back here now, so we hid it in there.  If he doesn't show up, I will sell it to someone else!  We also moved all of my daughter's skirting, which I haven't delivered yet, as he had his eye on the white skirting, too.  Some people! 

Ray and I re-hung my family pictures in the frames that he had painted gold, and moved around some pictures in the Middle Room.

So not much going on today.

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pidge said...

The two videos are adorable. Thanks for sharing them. Stay safe.