Sunday, September 5, 2010

Is the Fox Guarding the Henhouse? ‘Project: "Pet Slim Down’ for Pets. Recalled Pet Foods. Pugsy RV.

"Oh, the irony.
fat pets
A giant pet industry player now wants to undo the health damage caused by the food they sell – by selling a brand new line of the same old inferior food.

"Project: Pet Slim Down" looks a lot a marketing campaign masquerading as a pet health care initiative.

What Purina is marketing with this program is their line of veterinary diets. In order to sell this line of products, they need veterinary partners. There, in a nutshell, is surely the real reason behind Project: Pet Slim Down.

Just another Entry in the 'Low Fat' Pet Food Category

A quick glance at the ingredients list for these products reveals two universal truths about the vast majority of processed pet food, and especially the stuff marketed as a 'weight management' formula:
  1. The ingredients are of very poor quality and include impossible-to-pronounce additives and preservatives, not to mention known allergens, and the ever-popular "meat byproducts." And don't forget the locust bean gum.
  2. These diets are about as far from canine or feline species-appropriate nutrition as it gets.
It may surprise you to learn there's very little government regulation of pet food quality. Neither the USDA nor the FDA keeps tabs on the ingredients in commercially sold pet food."
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More Pet Food Recalls:
Ray and I had planned to prime and patch the last place on "Pugsy", the vintage motor home, and re-install the other bar of the luggage rack.

Well, one thing leads to another.  We had to scrape and steel wool some old caulk that was on the chrome of the carrier, and soak the formed gasket in hot soapy water to be able to scrape that goop off. 

As we knew, due to it's color, that the fiberglass roof really needed to be repainted, we decided that we might as well coat it with white RV roof coating for more insulation.  Thank goodness, being one piece fiberglass it doesn't leak.

Then I remembered that we had never re-done the roof vent, we had just put a MaxxAir over it in 1994!   Therefore it probably hadn't been done since Pugsy was built in 1968.  So that needed to be done before re-coating the roof.  It took a while to get the MaxxAir off, and would take even longer to remove the vent.

47 counter template002 We went up into the storeroom attic, and found a piece of 1/2" plywood to make the seat to the exerciser, and the sink cut-out for the sink area in the 47 Westwood Coronado.

We were working on the Coronado and the Mirage last summer:   I had wanted Jay to just cut it out of some scrap, as it was just a template, but he used a brand new sheet of plywood.

The man who bought the Coronado forgot to take the plywood template, so it had been stored in Pugsy.   Now, it will be just right for the cargo/stealth trailer. I had to find the sink cut-out as we will have to patch in a bit of it, to make the smaller sink fit. 

Ray and I tried it all out and my sink will fit.  I was wondering what to do with that plywood template, and now I am glad he didn't take it with the Coronado.

It has been a 'windows and doors open" morning.  What a lovely day!


Gypsy said...

I feed Lady Kirkland brand (Costco) Super Premium Adult Chicken-Rice-Vegetable pellets. The list of ingredients is fairly lengthy but it mostly looks like food and vitamins to me. Does your antenna have any info on that brand?

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Hi Gypsy,
The cable internet and TV have been off since 3.00PM. I using an old slow puter on dial-up right now. Snails could overtake it!

As soon as I can canter around the internet again, I will look into Kirklands.
The main thing is NO corn,and NO by-Products. Those are the ingredients that will eventually make your pet sick. I will let you know what I find out later.

I am so PO'd, as the cable has been going off for several days. It is always unreliable, but this has been worse.

Maybe I'll get an unlimited Virgin MiFi for $40 a month!

Happy Tails and Trails, Penny, TX

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Hi again, Gypsy.
The cable came back on about 8.30 last night, and I found out that Kirklands Chicken and Rice has a pretty good score:

There are always some who say that a certain food did this or that to their dogs, but that is life!

We don't have a Costco around here, so I can't try it.

If she likes it, doesn't itch, and has a good coat and stools, I'd say stay with it.

Do you feed her any canned or meat? It is OK to mix in some good canned or meaty people food for variety, as long as it doesn't make her want just that.
Some dogs love canned French Cut green beans, and if they are eating grass, I add a little bit of that, too. Don't ask me why it has to be French Cut, maybe they just want the smaller pieces, but French Cut does taste different from regular green beans.

Happy Trails, Penny, TX.

Mom of Bark+ Bite said...

Hi Penny
Big Sam the Boxer is a cheese lover big time.One of his special treats is low salt short cut string beans. I take small strands of grated cheese sprinkle a few on top of the beans stick in the microwave for a few seconds. Let them cool.For him it is better than anything I can buy.He is one happy boy.