Thursday, September 16, 2010

Last Week's Flash Flood at Pedernales, TX

For those of you who have traveled the I-10/I-20 West, and only think of TX as being a flat desert of miles and miles of nothing but miles and miles! 

They missed the beautiful Texas Hill Country.

"Water is the central attraction of many Texas state parks - often just a lake, with no special interest beyond general fishing, boating and swimming, but Pedernales Falls is much more dramatic.

The park contains 8 miles of the Pedernales River as it meanders through the limestone hill country of the Edwards Plateau northwest of Austin, and includes the falls where the waters drop 50 feet over successive limestone layers via an impressive series of cascades and pools.

The river flows through a shallow, rocky canyon past much pleasant scenery and plenty of places to explore - the park also has hiking trails, swimming pools and abundant nature."

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This video was made by Ken Kramm, a certified Master Naturalist.

"I thought you would enjoy seeing highlights from our 5-day camping trip to Pedernales Falls State Park.  The flash flood was scary.  It demonstrated the power of nature.  

Everyone at the park was helpful and friendly...from the park employees who warned that a storm was coming, to the rangers who checked on our safety when we took refuge in the bird blind, to the volunteers who cleaned the restrooms, picked-up trash, fed the birds, etc."

"Flash Flood at Pedernales Falls State Park, Tx"

"We experienced a flash flood when tent camping at Pedernales Falls State Park, last week. The River quickly changed from being a placid stream to a raging torrent -- eventually cresting seven feet above flood stage due to Tropical Storm Hermine.

Trails around our tent became temporary streams leading to the River. We took shelter in the bird blind and stayed dry.

The birds weren't so fortunate. They were wet and bedraggled.
Water receded quickly after the rain stopped and the wildlife resumed their normal activities.

We hiked the trails and went birding. It was fantastically beautiful. The forest was rejuvenated by the storm.

We didn't want to leave, but our five-day vacation was over.
Click on the Pedernales Falls State Park website for more information about this beautiful location:
Photography by Ken Kramm: Canon Vixia HF S20 high-definition camcorder, Canon PowerShot SX10 IS camera."


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Yesterday and Today:

I was so busy, tired, and sore yesterday that I didn't write a blog, just posted:

From Pidge's comment, that was a good thing!!  Thank you, Pidge.


truck-damage1-1 I put a lot of miles on me and my minivan yesterday, driving down to my son Kevin's office and taking one of his drivers to Splendora, TX to pick up one of my son's trucks that was not supposed to have left the yard during his absence.  

Found out that they had dented it, too!   They had 'borrowed' a towable stump grinder, too!  Thought they were going to make some money on the 'QT'!  (

 Log-hauler2-1After that, I did a several of hours of paperwork and copying at the office.  While I was there, I quickly took pictures of the trucks so I might remember which one was which, and whether it was for the trucking part or the tree part of the business.


When I got home there was a call that someone had come to look at one of the Mobile Home Toters that my son had for sale. They had come all the way from Laredo, TX, 375 miles, to buy it, and no one knew about it except one of the drivers.   He doesn't live near the office, and hadSold-totern't told anyone else!!  The buyers couldn't find any one at the office, so I had to do the 60 mile round trip again.  Thankfully they bought it, so we are through with that. 

My son has returned and is now able to take back control of his trucking company, and all it's problems, thank goodness!


Today, I woke up sore and still tired.  But I seem to get sore every time I drink water and lemon, which I had last night.  My brother Nigel, who has arthritis, told me once that lemon is bad for folks with arthritis, but I didn't know I had it.  I am usually not sore anywhere, unless I put my back out.  And a chiropractor fixes that!

A neighbor wanted me to take her shopping in our little town, and I told her it would have to be a life or death emergency for me to leave the house today.    Half an hour after I said that, the 'emergency' rang the door bell.  It was my son, so I had to go into town anyway, so I picked up the neighbor and off we went.

We got her shopping done, so I hope I can take it easy for the rest of the day.


Anonymous said...

Good video

Gypsy said...

Do you take anything for your arthritis? There are many OTC supplements, but you really have to shop carefully. I started taking glucosamine & chondroitin in 1997 and haven't had much of a problem since then. I didn't realize lemon had a bad effect, although I usually just use in on fish, or sometimes in salad dressing.

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Thank you for your comment, Gypsy.

As far as I know I don't have arthritis.
I just was aching all over, and my muscles hurt, just like I feel if I take statin drugs. Though one time a statin drug nearly paralysed me for two days!

One thing I remembered though, yesterday I had wrestled a 40 lb box of cat litter out of the van and through two doors. That, and climbing in and out of those big trucks!

My cat has bad arthritis in one shoulder, and she is on a special food that contains glucosamine & chondroitin. When the vet saw the X-rays, she said it was the worst she had seen. Bobcat doesn't even limp now, and at one time she wouldn't even put that foot on the floor.
So it must be good stuff.
Happy Trails, Penny, TX

pidge said...

Loved the video. We miss Texas. It is our favorite winter place, but family comes before pleasure. Sounds like you had another very busy day. Stay safe..