Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Puppy Mills. Shopping. Travasak.

In fact, as you read this, there is very likely a puppy from a Missouri puppy mill staring out from a cage at a pet store near you.

"A new measure will help save thousands of puppy mill dogs in Missouri.
But the puppy millers want to keep business as usual.
Will you help us defeat them?

September 22, 2010
The attacks have started.
This November, voters in Missouri -- the nation's number-one puppy mill state -- will vote on a measure that will stop puppy mill abuses. It's called Proposition B, and it would establish common sense standards for the care of dogs.

But last week, the puppy mill industry launched its campaign against Prop B with robo-calls to households across the state spreading lies about this measure. We can't let those attacks go unanswered.
Will you help us deliver the facts to Missouri voters -- and help save thousands of puppy mill dogs?

Missouri is home to approximately 3,000 puppy mills, about 30 percent of all the puppy mills in the country. And this massive industry is going to fight to keep business as usual, so they can continue to cram dogs into small and filthy cages, deny them veterinary care, expose them to extremes of heat and cold, and give them no exercise or human affection.

These puppy mills are cruel and the way these dogs are treated is wrong. And this dirty business affects all of us, because Missouri's puppy mill dogs are shipped all over the country, sold to pet stores and directly to consumers over the Internet!

In fact, as you read this, there is very likely a puppy from a Missouri mill staring out from a cage at a pet store near you."

Please help us with a special donation today to counter the false claims of the puppy millers -- and urge Missouri citizens to vote YES! on Prop B this November.


Ray came over to re-paint the back door and mow.

I picked up Jay and we headed into the next town.  We stopped at JC Penneys and I bought a new vinyl cover for my memory foam mattress.

We got all the workshop trash unloaded at the dumpster.  Then we took the metal that the 'metal man' hadn't been around to collect, to the metal recycling. That brought $29.   Gee, that's over half a tank of gas for my van!  We are in the wrong business.

We stopped at several thrift shops, and each bought something at each store.  The thrift shops have all been re-stocked and there were new articles to see.  They are bringing out their winter clothes, even though it is still in the humid 90's.  I managed to find a cute cotton black and white summer dress, and some nice drapes for my motor home.

My favorite purchase is a red long sleeved button-down Disney shirt with 7 Dalmatians embroidered on the front, and 7 on the back.  I expect I will wear it a lot this winter, you know how you have favorite comfy clothes that you like to wear over and over.

We had 'two-fer' coupons, so we ate Grilled Chicken at Burger King.  The bun was like a muffin, but I still gave half of mine to the birds in Kroger's parking lot.  We picked up a few items, and gassed up there, before driving home slowly in pouring rain.

But, as usual, it hadn't rained a drop here at home.  The Puddle Jumper is all dusty so I had left it outside, hoping the rain would wash it off!

Jay helped me get the heavy memory foam mattress inside the new vinyl zippered 'envelope', as I couldn't have done it by myself.  Now, if an animal up-chucks or something on my bed, my mattress is safe.  I started keeping my bed protected ever since Bobcat had her bladder crystals eight years ago, but yesterday was her first accident since then.  I think it was the surprise of being attacked by Patches.  Then I also remembered that I had put a bit of food with her Special Diet food that wasn't labelled "Reduces PH, and Low Magnesium" which is essential for her.  So I quickly remedied that.

Last night, knowing that I had to buy a vinyl cover before I could make the bed up with the thick foam topper, mattress pad, sheets, and comforter, I just threw a homemade Traversak style sheet on the bed:  
They are so handy for RVs with 'awkward to make' beds.

Now, I have my bed all made up today.

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pidge said...

I hate those puppy mills. We always got our dogs from the Humane Society or Animal shelter. I wish we could have another dog, but we are both alergic. I think that is what has got my sinuses all inflamed. We stayed with my stepdaughter for almost a month and she has 6 cats. I love them and they love me, but I was sneezing the whole month. Loved the post.