Monday, September 6, 2010

RV Keys. Antenna Up? Shopping in The Rain.

"First, think about your keys. You need three complete sets of keys for your RV.

MAIN SET… Separate one set of keys into three groups--Door key, Ignition key, and all the rest. Carry the door key when you lock and leave the RV.  If you have a motor home, leave the ignition key inside--keep reading to find out where. Store the rest of your keys (compartment, fuel door, etc.) near the front in case you need them.

BACKUP SET… Keep a set in your other vehicle--just in case.

EMERGENCY SET… Get one of the magnetic key holders used for hiding keys. Put one door key, compartment key, ignition key, and a fuel door key inside the box.  Hide it well.  Crawl around underneath and find a great hiding place not visible by just walking around and looking at the coach.


I know, they sell those cute little signs that say something like "Antenna Up/Down." Other home remedies include putting a close pin or twist tie on the crank when it is down and on the steering wheel when the antenna is up.

One fellow told us that he tied a piece of rope from the steering wheel to the accelerator pedal to remind him that his antenna was up!

All those home remedies work--until they don't! But, think about this… it is impossible to drive away without reaching up there for your ignition key!"





Jay and I wandered around Lowes and Walmart.  I rounded up materials for coating Pugsy's roof, and for painting the cargo trailer.   It started to pour down rain while we were in Lowes.

We had lunch at Arby's.  I haven't been there for years, and the meat looks different.  Looks like it was all separated and stuck back together, then sliced, like chopped ham.  I gave some to the birds in the parking lot.

Then we had various cheese samples for dessert while we scouted out all the 'Manager Specials' in Krogers.  They had 64 oz cartons of 100% Pure Orange Juice (not from concentrate) for 99 cents, so I got several and froze some.  My best find was a 1lb package of large portabella mushrooms for $1.69. 


It was really a 'goof-off' rainy day.


Gypsy said...

Thanks for the heads-up about Arby's. I get one of their roast beef sandwiches about once every ten years, and I think I'm about due for one. I'll just skip it if it is processed to that extent.

Mike Goad said...

We don't worry too much about the antenna. On our last trip, we were gone 50 days and cranked it up 1 time, watched 25 minutes of news and cranked it down the next morning. That's all the TV we watched in the camper the entire trip, though we did catch a few minutes here and there at my dad's and our daughter's on the few days we visited family.

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Thanks for your comments Gypsy and Mike.

Mike, good thing you remembered to put your antenna down.
It only takes that one time to wreck it, especially if you are not used to doing it!!
Happy Trails, Penny, TX

Anonymous said...

Great Tip