Saturday, September 11, 2010

Nat. Parks & Smithsonian-Free Days-Sat. Sept. 25. 7 Extra Animals!

More free days slated for national parks, federal lands

Now the Interior Department has announced more free admission days to round out the balance of the year. Here’s the schedule:

September 25 (Public Lands Day)

November 11 (Veterans Day)

Saturday 25th. Sept. Free at Smithsonian, too
"To receive your free Museum Day Ticket please enter your information into the fields below. Your Ticket will be emailed to you after you submit your information. Please remember to print and bring your ticket to your selected participating museum."

Remember all the lives lost on 9/11/01



At 6.15 AM the door bell rang.  I was expecting Mindi, the stewardess, to bring 2 or 3 of her dogs for me to board and groom, so I was already up and drinking my first cup of coffee when she arrived.  I had locked up the two foster cats in their big cages in readiness.   BUT she didn't bring 2 or 3, she brought 7! 

So I made 12 little breakfasts. ( Mindi's 7, and my 5)   Then the usual time outside to get things done.  I hadn't let my Misty or Paco meet Mindi's crew, so I took them out in shifts.  But I did let my favorite, Shuggy, in my part of the house for a little while to meet Misty and Paco, as I knew they would like each other, and they did.  Lotsa tail waggin' going on.

Then I quickly went into Conroe to visit my youngest son Kevin.  He is having some problems with his trucks and trucking business, and really there is nothing that I can do until I see him again tomorrow.   He has AHDD, and gets himself in some weird situations because he won't do first things first.  I am not usually involved, but he got me roped into it.  But it meant I was on the phone most of the afternoon, trying to unravel his knots.  Wore down the batteries on two cordless phones!  KIDS!!!

I cut down two of Mindi's poodles, Caesar and Shuggy, and got them ready to bathe.  They haven't been done for a long time, but those two are the best behaved, so it didn't take long.  I will probably get one more cut down today, but I also have 13 dinners to prepare.

So I have been pretty busy all day.


Gypsy said...

I hate to cook for one person - myself. Don't know what I would do if I had to cook a dozen meals for pets!

Rod and Loyce Ivers said...

Mom's were put on this earth to help take care of their children, no matter how old they are or what trouble they get into. So you are doing good work running down all those phone batteries!