Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mind Your Fingers. First Aid Kit. Cleaning. Trucks!

"When stuffing your fingers into chassis cavities, a bit of an inspection is usually best too.  We have a couple of “dead space” areas in our fifth wheel that with a bit of dexterity can be reached. 

But don’t bet the farm that the boys back in Elkhart were careful about making sure screws, staples, or other sharp metal was carefully embedded and safely out of the way of fingers. Shine a flashlight, and use a hand mirror if needed, to see where your hands are going.

We had one come up recently that caught us off guard.  Took the truck camper down to the coast for a few days of R & R.  The camper had been solidly placed on the truck bed for several months, and it never dawned that something might have happened between the truck bed and the outside of the camper box. That is, until we had to do a fancy leveling operation that brought the camper up out of the box several inches.  It was then we noticed that the wasps had found a gas pipe was an excellent place to start new home construction."

More at: http://www.rvtechtips.com/?p=260


Are you carrying the basics in a First Aid Kit:





Ray vacuumed the Grooming Room and Middle Room with the shop vac, and I mopped the floor.  The puppy, Booger, had piddled on the floor, and so it all needed disinfecting.  He was very good and would pee and poop outside, but I guess it was Booger who had a couple of accidents on the linoleum that I had to mop up while the dogs were here.  

I told Mindi that I didn't want to take care of that many again, especially Caesar.  He is very energetic and barks all the time.  It drives me nuts.  He does it when you can't get to the spray bottle, but the minute I pick it up he shuts up, then the minute my back is turned, or I am the other side of the door, he starts it up again.  He stirs up the other dogs, who are usually very quiet and well-behaved.   He is always wanting attention or something, just like a hyper child.  I had enough of that raising Kevin.

The poor cats were let out of their big cages, as soon as Mindi's dogs left, about 9.15 PM last night.  Much as I love her dogs, we were all glad to see them go.  So the cats are happy now, their Grooming Room and Middle Room are all clean.  They were able to come in the living room so Prime could lounge on the couch, and Prime could sit on the back of the recliner.  Those are their favorite places.

I had to go into our little town's Post Office to get a letter weighed for mailing, so I bought a few things on sale at Kroger's, and the T-nuts that we needed at the hardware store.  I will be glad when my exerciser seat is fixed!

Of course, I had more phone calls to field for my son's trucking company, and the drivers asked me to go down there tomorrow to get some things straight.  They did get the new windshield put in the Chevy Zodiac, but they still didn't get it to the D.O.T station to get it re-inspected. 

They have some jobs to do with one of the mobile home toters first, so that will bring in some money now, and we can concentrate on the Zodiac next.  One of the other guys has the escort truck over off Highway 59, so I have to help them get that first, before they can move the mobile homes.  The other toter is in the shop, and I haven't been able to do anything about that yet.    Gee, I hope Kevin can be home soon!


I am almost wishing I hadn't given up my CDL license, or I would have driven one of the trucks today.

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