Monday, September 20, 2010

Precious Water.

Monkey_drinking_water_480"Even this monkey knows: Water is life. Life is water. There is no way around it.

Drinkable water for Earthlings will be a much bigger problem than the high price of oil you face today.

The cause of your water shortages is simple. There are over six billion water-thirsty humans on planet Earth.

Earthlings are using water faster than the Earth's water reservoirs can replenish the supplies. Water tables are falling on every continent as demand for water grows faster due to population growth.

Over pumping of water is now widespread in China, India and United States. These three Earthly countries together make nearly half of the world’s grain harvest. Read more about water.  "

Bird upside down trying to tap into a drinking water
Man down the street said: "Now, why couldn't my neighbor grasp this fact? Watering his lawn three times a day and once every night..
I once told him off that using water that way is excessive and contributing to water shortage but does he listen?! "

funny pictures of cats with captions


  • Sewage Recycling

  • Sewage Recycling pictures
    Sewage Recycling
    Orange County, CA has opened what is likely the largest sewage purification plant for drinking water in the world.
    From Toilet to Tap
    Now it is being recycled, that is how important is water.

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    Ray tried to paint the back door.  The contractors had never done it.  They had installed it with just the factory primer on it.  Weird, as they had painted the rest of the doors, and we have repainted them since then.  The paint that Ray used didn't 'sit' right on it, so we had to pressure wash it off.  Back to square one on that.

    Roni, a neighbor, wanted to use one of my sewing machines.  I had already told her that they were not suitable for using on several thicknesses of denim.  She said if she liked it, she would buy it.  I oiled the newest machine, one I haven't used for years, as I like my old one better. 

    After spending time looking at the book as to how to thread the darned thread in it, and getting the blasted thread in that stupid tiny hole in the needle, I left her to do what she had to do.  I didn't know that she was trying to go through multi-layers of denim anyway, so she bent the thin needle.  Back to square one on that, too.

    Not a very productive day.


    Sandra said...

    I always stock several sizes of needles, just in case but I haven't used my sewing machine in years. I do need to get it out and take in some clothes though.

    LakeConroePenny,TX said...

    Thank you for your comment, Sandra.

    I didn't know that is what she was going to do, or I would have put a thicker needle in the machine. She had pulled a light weight pair of shorts out of her bag, and I thought that was what she was going to alter. I had already told her not to even bother bringing jeans here to alter. Some folks just won't listen.

    Speaking of is great that you are having to 'take in' some clothes.

    As always, I love your pictures and blog.
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX

    pidge said...

    Those machines are wonderful, but they do need our tender love and care. You are right, some people just don't listen. I have had my machine for years and do a lot of quilting with it, so like to keep it in top shape. Stay safe and good luck with the painting.