Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ornithologists. Hunter & Airstreams. Hemangiosarcoma

I love to watch birds, but I don't know many of their 'professional' names.

You might not like vultures, but they are part of Mother Nature's chain.  The non-electric garbage disposals.

This was sent to me by a certified Master Naturalist, today, which happened to be quite a coincidence due to what followed.

So, today as I was driving into town, I saw several buzzards soaring around high in the sky. 

At any rate, vultures or buzzards,  those scavengers that circle overhead when something is dead or dying.  I hoped that none of the local cattle or horses had succumbed.

Then I saw road kill, I think it was a rabbit, but there was also one of these great big birds and it was dead in the road, too.  I hope it didn't smash someone's windshield, but it seemed more like it had been run over.
The wing span was several feet, and it had been a beautiful bird.  I was also sorry for the little 'wabbit'.

I was on my way to see Hunter Hampton.  She was at Castaways RV Park near me.  She comments on a couple of RVing lists that I read, and also has her own list:

FSR Hunter.jpg
I used to have Airstreams, from 1962 16' Bambi TT, 24', 26' to 31 footers, and a lovely 36' Airstream Landyacht Class A, which was sold a couple of years ago.
Hunter fulltimes in her 25' Airstream travel trailer with three large dogs.  They are so sweet, and I petted and talked to them, while Hunter and I chatted for a couple of hours.  Her oldest one, Tucker, was up on the couch with me.  He is a Belgian Sheepdog,  and when she gets back to her farm in Florida, he will herd the sheep out of the barn for her. 

She also has a vintage Vagabond travel trailer at the farm as a guest house.  It looks like the 2-door 47 Westcraft Coronado 47 Westwood Coronado 006 (Small)I sold a little while back.

Apart from Airstreams and our love of animals, we had another thing in common.  Both our best doggies had died due to hemangiosarcoma, which is cancer of the spleen, and it becomes fatal in a very short time.

Sometimes their people don't even know their dogs have it, and suddenly find their dog dead.   But Hunter and I knew there was something wrong with our wonderful "sons", and even though we quickly took them to the vet, we lost them shortly afterwards.  When Hunter had her dog's spleen removed, he was only given 6 weeks, and made it for five of them.  My little Levi's was inoperable, so he had to be PTS within a week.
More at:

I have also had an Avion and a Silver Streak, and I often wonder why anyone would want anything but a 'silver bullet'.  They don't leak, they last forever, and even if you don't have the right hitch, (preferably a Hensley), they still tow like a dream. 
I surely knew the difference when I towed my son's 27' slab sided trailer compared to my 31' Airstream.  I couldn't wait to drop that thing, whereas I hardly knew the big Airstream was there.

Ray and I had got a couple of little jobs done this morning, before he had to leave.   We put new carpet on the metal steps to Pugsy, the vintage motor home.  I keep carpet on them so that animals won't get their toes caught in the slots, also so they are non-skid for people.  We punched holes in the carpet and anchored it with zip-ties through the slats.

Pathway edge003 (Small) In front of the house, I had pruned back an unruly bush which has blue flowers on it just about year round.  I don't know it's 'professional' name either.   
We added some hooks and green rope to go around the bush, so it won't trail all over the walkway again, like it did last year.

Pamala and Nigel just Skyped me and they are in Duncan, OK.  They should be here tomorrow evening.  Can't hardly wait to see them, and hear more about their trip to AK.

That's enough excitement for one day!


Gypsy said...

About the Airstream, how are they to back up. That's a big problem I had with the 5th wheel, and most people agree a 5ver is easier to back up than a TT, with the smaller TT's being more difficult. I keep my eye on craigslist in Sac and have seen Airstreams once in a while. I wouldn't mind having one, if I found one I could afford, AND, if I could handle it easy enough.

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Thank you for your comment, Gypsy.

If you know how to back up a 5er, you already know how to back up a TT.
Same principle, put one hand at the bottom of the steering wheel, and turn it the way you want the trailer to go.

Mostly people have trouble with the little 8' U-Haul type trailers, as they turn so quickly.
I do better with my utility trailers, or pop-up trailers, as I can see over them, so I look out of the back window to see where the rear end is going.

One thing about the "silver bullet" type trailers is that the older ones are still around. But sometimes that makes them 'vintage', so then they appreciate in value and asking price.

After working on RVs since 1968, and seeing what water damage can do, the only other option for me would be a molded fiberglass travel trailer.
Such as:

Of course, all RVs needs maintenance, and inspecting any openings like the clearance lights, windows and roof vents is important.

Happy Trails, Penny, TX.

KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

What a nice visit with someone you have so much in common with!

Karen and Steve
(Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

~~Mike~~ said...

Love the Airstreams! They just have a classic look that doesn't seem to ever go out of style. Looks like you had a great visit with Hunter, very cool!

You have any pics of Pugsy or a link to a blog post about it? I love the old vintage rigs, always love seeing them brought back to life!

97 Roadtrek 170P "Taj Ma Trek"

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Thank you for your comment, Mike.

In all the years I have owned "Pugsy", I have never taken any pictures of the inside.
It has real wood cabinets upper, with lots of drawers lower, and closets, all the way around, except over the 2 doors. More storage, drawers and counter space, than most RV's. It has a Dometic fridge, and full RV stove with oven that looks like it has never been used.

It is a 2-door 1969 Venture molded fiberglass 19-20' Class A, made in Banning,CA. It has a Wide Block 318 Dodge, automatic transmission, power steering and brakes. The company was bought out by Starcraft, in about 1970, and they used the same fiberglass mold for their 1970 model, and maybe years after that.

I have these of the outside of Pugsy:

I would go out there and take some pictures, but we have all the partitions and cupboards out of the 'stealth trailer' in there right now. It is so spacious inside, and that big back door is so handy, that it gets used for storage most of the time.

Happy Trails, Penny, TX