Sunday, September 12, 2010

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Ray mowed and ran the weedeater, while I cut down Punkie, the apricot poodle.  I hope to finish all of them tomorrow, before Mindi picks them up.

Sheba-12Sep10 Then I brushed all the tangles out of poor little old Sheba, the poodle with the collapsed trachea.  She didn't want me to touch her head, and so I couldn't do all I wanted to do to her.  Actually she didn't want to be groomed at all, so I couldn't do a very good job on her.   But I bathed her, and washed her furry face the best I could, then brush-dried her so she is all fluffy and pretty now. 

PICT0003 We are all still mourning the death of 5 lb Jakey, Sheba's son.  He was such a sweet tiny doggie.  He would try to copy your smile, it came out like a sneery face, but we know what he was doing.

He was killed by a German Shepherd.  Needless to say the German Shepherd is no more!

How Sheba is still going, I don't know.  She is blind and deaf, too, so she has to be carried in and out to the back yard.  She is the same age as my old Misty, but Misty is in a lot better shape.  Misty plays with the other dogs, even though she can't see well.  I think it is because Misty was not out of puppy mill stock.

Then I visited my son, Kevin, again, and made more more phone calls about his trucks and trucking business.  Hope I can get one truck sold for him now that I have Power of Attorney.

Just another busy, hot, humid, rainy day!

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~~Mike~~ said...

Thank You for sharing the links to help the animals, when it is free like that, who could resist?! I will pass them on to as many folks as I can! I was really sorry to read about Jakey, very sad :( Your compassion for our sweet, furry friends is really a blessing to see. Thanks for all the things that you do for them and sharing it with us!

97 RT 170P "Taj Ma Trek"