Sunday, August 15, 2010

Safe Harbor Farm Workamping. Jobs Done.

I thoroughly enjoyed Jo and Fred Wishnie's journal of their time at Safe Harbor Farm, Maysville (between New Bern and Jacksonville) near the northern coast of North Carolina :

"We also helped Lynne put on an adoption clinic at PetSmart and that was fun, but still a lot of work. We spent over an hour packing up the van with equipment and dogs. It was an hours drive to the PetSmart (so 2 hours round trip).
The fun part was seeing all the interested folks at PetSmart interacting with the dogs. I also was more able to learn the individual dogs, the breeds and their names. Each one was in a metal cage with a name card that indicated name and breed and any special notes."

(I am older than Jo and Fred, so you know what I do at our SPCA Adoption Day, and why I am so tired when I get home!!)

But Jo and Fred couldn't stay there, so here is an application for any who might be interested:

More about Safe Harbor Farm:


It was hot, but Ray and I braved the outdoors, in the shade, to get a couple of jobs done.

PICT0002-1 Jay and I had put the old fridge on our "wash rack".  It is outside the big door of the workshop and made of big grates, like the kind they have around swimming pools, with commercial carpet over it.   So the water goes right through and you are not standing in water.  So much easier than trying to clean it indoors.

Ray took off the little cardboard back off the fridge, and vacuumed inside the works, and then cleaned the inside and outside.

While he was doing that, I gave Misty a bath, or rather a shower, and put her in the cage dryer.  Then I blow-dried her to make her fluffy.  I cut her back down some more, as she just HAS to go wriggle around in the dirt, on her back, to rub the clean off! 

We taped some plastic over the bottom back where the cardboard goes, where the motor is, before he hosed the fridge down. I took pictures of it for the ad, before we moved it into the RVport with the hand truck.  I hope it isn't there long!

Then we put a jack under the back part of the cargo trailer, and slipped the back blocks out from under it.  My son had blocked and leveled it so it would be sturdy while we were working in it, especially as one wheel was off it, for a while.  The electric tongue jack was lowered and we got the front blocks out.  Thank goodness it was still shady there, too.  Now it can go to the welder.

PICT0001-1 Now that I am confident that the new fridge will stay at 38 deg. in the fridge and 0 deg. in the freezer, we put the middle seat back in the minivan.  I wanted to make sure I didn't have to return it.  I can start filling it up now, and shut the little fridge down in the Middle Room.  It is so nice to see what is in the crisper drawers.

Then I changed Misty's sheets in her bed, and mine, and did two loads of clothes.

 IPICT0002-2 have been letting her sleep in my bedroom now after all, she is so good.
I made her another bed under my bed.

But she knows she has to eat in the Grooming Room, or Paco will eat her dinner. This is her other bed in there.

 He isn't a Chihuahua, he is a little piglet!

That was about it for today!


Gypsy said...

Did you see the magazine supplement in the Sunday paper. I think most Sunday papers carry the same version, but ours has a wonderful article about the rehabilitation and adoption of some of Michael Vick's pit bulls. Some of them are so cute and make wonderful pets. Thanks to the courageous judge who ordered a large sum of money to pay for them out of Vick's bank account.

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Hi Gypsy, thank you for your comment.
I knew about them and I even did three posts about them:

I didn't see that in the paper, I will have to look for it. Thanks.