Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Avoid This Popular Pet Drug Until You Learn the Shocking Details…

"Traditional medicine for both people and animals is about treating symptoms with prescriptions – not treating the cause of those symptoms.
It’s not uncommon for pet owners to be unaware the drug their animal is receiving is a steroid. Vets will frequently refer to a dose of steroids as an “anti-inflammatory shot,” or an “allergy shot,” or an “injection of cortisone.”

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If you’re not aware your cat or dog is taking steroids, or you’re not knowledgeable about what the drug can do to your pet’s body, you can end up shocked and distraught at the host of secondary side effects brought on by steroid therapy.
Most disturbing to many pet owners is the discovery that the underlying disease process that created the inflammation is still there.

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Suppose your dog suffers during allergy season with symptoms like hot spots, inflamed or irritated skin, or itchy paws. If her vet gives her monthly steroid therapy to control her symptoms, the symptoms may subside but their cause – allergies – is still lurking beneath the surface.
So your pet keeps the underlying condition, in this case an overreaction of her immune system, and she will likely also acquire a host of secondary conditions as side effects of the steroid treatment.


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Advocate for Your Pet
First of all, if your pet is currently on steroids, you can’t just stop giving them to him.
If, for example, you’ve just learned that the prednisone you’ve been dosing your cat with is a steroid and you want to get him off the drug, you must taper him off.

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More info of side effects:

I have had three instances where steroids made the side effects worse than the original malady, and I hope none of my animals ever has to have those shots again.


My doctor's office called yesterday with the results of my X-ray. She said that it showed that I still have some congestion in my chest, so I had to go in there this morning.  Jay went with me, so that we could go to some thrift shops afterwards.

A nurse weighed me, and I have lost a few pounds.  (I attribute that to only eating real food now, and staying away from refined foods and high fructose corn syrup).

She asked my height, and I had been told it was down to 5', but she measured and said 5'.1".  My blood pressure is 136/78, and pulse 86.  The doctor listened to my chest, then he had a nurse come in with a little machine, and I had to breathe into it.  The doctor came back in, and was very happy with the results of that.

So I guess I am OK.  I feel fine, I just get post nasal drip from these cysts in my sinuses, so he thinks that is what gives me the chest congestion.  He said I could have sinus surgery if I really want it, but as I am gradually getting better, I would rather not.

Three of the several thrift shops in Conroe are remodeling and expanding.  So two were closed, but the biggest one is still operating while the expansion is going on.  We just bought some little things that were on sale half price.  We made a quick stop at a new thrift shop, but their prices were not what one would call 'thrift shoppy'. 

But I had to get home as the cable guy was supposed to be here between 1-5.  Yesterday, the internet kept on going out, and they were coming to check the cable modem.

Gee……After I had rushed home, they called saying the outages were because they were working on the cable system all through my subdivision yesterday!

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Lot of good advise for pet owners. Stay safe.