Sunday, August 22, 2010

Oh! Oh! Dead Possums and Monitor. Grooming

"When I first read the headline Teacher Fired for Reporting Animal Abuse on School Grounds Reinstated, I was appalled at the thought of a teacher getting reprimanded for reporting animal abuse in the first place. Animal cruelty shouldn't be taken lightly, especially not by the people who are supposed to be teaching children.

In April, eight dead baby opposums were found on school grounds in Bath County, Kentucky. They had been tortured. Teacher Lorraine Leadingham discovered who the suspects were and reported them to an outside agency. "I took a stand and put my job on the line for it. And I feel what I did was right." She was fired for it. The independent tribunal who overturned her firing saw her good intentions for what they were, especially since school officials were trying to sweep the incident under the rug because the suspects were "children of prominent community citizens.""

Teachers are required to report signs of child abuse. The same should be true when they have reason to believe children are abusing animals.  It starts with animals and then goes to child or spousal abuse.

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I got up, turned on the coffee maker and desktop computer, and took the dogs out.  Then poured my coffee, went to the computer, and the monitor was a big black cyclops looking at me.  It had power, as the light was on, but that was it.

So I turned on this laptop, and read at any mail that looked important.
I didn't know whether to just get another monitor, a better laptop, or what.

I like my desktop, but I am so tired of all the wires that have to stay plugged into it.  Monitor, keyboard, mouse, power cord, printer, speakers (this one doesn't have built in speakers), cable cord, phone cord, (for when the cable goes out), camera cord, all that stuff that gets tangled up like several serpentines writhing in the back there!

But a laptop would still have a printer cord, a mouse cord, (unless I bought wireless ones), the cable cord, the phone cord, the camera cord and the power cord.  So it would still be an octopus of sorts, but I think that is what I would prefer.

But one thing I have noticed is that to be at the right height for typing on a laptop, the position of the screen makes you round your shoulders.

The monitor on my desktop is on a stand, and then it is on another wooden stand that we made to slip the mini keyboard under,  so I am sitting upright, and don't get a back ache.  Just typing this on my laptop, I am slouching.

I wanted to head out to Best Buy in the next town and just be done with it, but all they would have would be Windows 7, and I just don't like change.  So that was out!
I have always had Win XP Pro, and there are too many new technical things to befuzzle me already.  Even a new cell phone, and I am discombooberated for quite a while.

But I couldn't anyway, as I was grooming Pepper.  So I went to Claudia's and picked up Jay, Pepper and Maddie, the tiny Yorkie.

Before I started grooming, Jay and I took the other wheel off the cargo trailer, as it had gone flat.  I have a new tire for it, so I just have to get it mounted.

While I was taking a break from grooming, I had a quick look at some laptops with Win XP Pro on eBay, but there are just so many to wade through, it just got confusing.

After I had groomed Pepper, and Maddie I took them all home and that was enough for today.


Gypsy said...

One option is to get all the cords untangled and separated. The take each cord and wrap it back and forth in small laps, then use a twist tie or a rubber band and secure it so that you have just enough cord to reach the power source. I do this with all the cords, and while it is still a mess, they look a bit neater and they aren't wound together as much.

The downside of cordless mouse, etc., is that you still have to plug a usb connection into the computer. I don't see much difference than having a cord, except I tend to trip over cords.

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Oh, Thanks, Gypsy.
I haven't wanted to do that lapping in small laps as the cords can get hot that way.

I have them all separated, and held up by a strong twist tie to a main hook screwed under my desk, so my feet don't get entangled in the ones going to the printer.
But when I pull the computor out to vacuum it, nearly always one comes unplugged.
Murphy's Law I guess.

Rod and Loyce Ivers said...

Windows 7 may look a little different at first, but you know everything you need to know from running XP in order to make the transition. It's not like Vista at all.

pidge said...

I love windows 7 and find it a lot easier to use than vista. I really didn't have trouble with vista either. I am not a geek. Only been using the computer for 7 years and for 4 of those years the games were my main reason for having one. XP is a lot like 7. You will love it.