Wednesday, August 4, 2010

King Corn 2. Beef. New Battery.

"Down With King Corn" is a two-part series highlighting how cheap, commodity corn creates problems for our health, farmers, and the environment. Click here to read Part One.

"King Corn is largely to blame for the invention of Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (aka CAFOs, aka factory farms) where millions of animals have been removed from pastures and crammed into crowded, dirty lots and buildings.

Corn and soy got so cheap that it became more profitable to stop feeding animals grass (which is free) and start feeding them commodity crops  (which makes money for industrial agricultural companies).

Of course, if you don't need the pasture, then you don't need the land and the sunshine and the fresh air. Thus begins the downward spiral of the American farm animals' living conditions into the well-documented atrocities of the CAFO.

And the start of CAFOs brought the beginning of America's livestock pollution problems, with manure lagoons seeping nitrates and contaminants into our water supply and spewing methane into the air.

Corn-fed meat is also much fattier and less nutritious than its pastured counterpart, again contributing to our nation's health problems. Yet, because corn-fed meat is so much cheaper than grass-fed meat, we eat more of it now than ever before."
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As we were waiting for Claudia's car to be ready at the Ford dealership at any moment, there wasn't any inclination to get involved in anything that would be bothered by a broken train of thought.
So I just looked up different information about ADHD on the internet for another neighbor.   Of course one thing leads to another, so I got interested in some other links, and followed them. 
It seems all our health and mental problems are diet related in the last few years.  What happened to REAL unaltered food!

The Ford house did finally call late this afternoon.  It took them a long time to find the problem, but it was a $300 module gizmo, that made Claudia's AC stop working.

As Jim, the mechanic, had fixed the power tongue jack to the cargo trailer, that meant I needed a good battery to operate it.
I had the old battery (2002) in my "battery/gas-can deep container", that I use to haul batteries and gas cans.  I just don't trust them to be 'nekid' in the back of my van.  The yeyhoo at the service aisle looked blank when I said I wanted a deep cycle battery, so I just went into Wal-Mart, and picked one out myself!


By the time I was heading back, the poor folks that live up here, but w*ork in Houston, were on the road home.  The traffic was slow, and it was over 100 deg. heat index.  Golly, I couldn't do that every day.

cat-laughing (Small)

I didn't make any other stops, I just wanted to get home today.

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