Monday, August 30, 2010

How Could They? Topiaries.

 How could they beat such a sweet dog? 

Kendra Slugoski has the story of Maliha, a badly abused dog getting a second chance at life.

2-1/2 minute Video:

"Now, take a good look at my picture. At first it might not look that bad, but look again!  Look closer. The story is that someone covered my head with a bag and then beat me. I am in terrible condition.

My whole nasal cavity is caved in and it has caused a severe infection. Pretty awful, huh! My nose is literally flat. My teeth point every which way. I cannot breathe out of my nose and I cannot eat properly.

Nothing can be done yet as I am too emaciated to be put under anesthesia for surgery.  I have to gain some weight before I can get any further help if there is anything that can even be done. You see my injury happened months ago and that will make it more difficult to repair the damage.

I am a very sweet dog and I don't understand why anyone would want to hurt me."
Her story:

"My name is now Maliha. It was chosen for me because it means strength and beauty, for that is what my foster family sees when they look at me."
Her web page:

If you can help Maliha, please do so.
I wish we had 'eye for an eye' in our law courts.


Ray didn't work today, as a neighbor died last night and he went to help the family.  Mr. York will be missed, he was a very nice elderly man.  He is the one who made the animal topiaries.   Some of them are really interesting.   One is a stage coach complete with horses and passengers, and another is a dinosaur eating something.  One is from the fallen branch of a tree, and looks like a giant spider, it doesn't have anything growing on it, though.  In the winter he would build a plastic enclosure for all of them, they were his pride and joy. I had better get a picture, as his family had no interest in them at all.

As an ex mariner, he had also built a house that looked like three boats, and I know that his widow will move out of there as soon as she can.  She wants to be closer to the Houston area, her children, and grandchildren.

I took Roni, another neighbor, into the next town to pay a bill, and it was right next door to a big health food store.  We have both been there before, but it is so big it is difficult to see everything at one visit. We will be going back there on Wednesday, when the sales are on.

Then we went to the big flagship Kroger's and looked around their health food dept. They had some of the same things, but at cheaper prices than the health food store, so Roni wants to go there on Wednesday, too.  She always goes to the smaller Krogers in our little town, so she didn't even know about the things the big flagship Krogers has to offer.

It was mostly wandering around, and window shopping today.


pidge said...

Was the neighbor you speak of ever on Home and Garden TV? I saw a black man on there that did some really great things with topiaries. I think they are fantastic. My nephew dabbles with them.

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Thank you for your comment, Pidge.

It must have been someone else, as the description doesn't fit.
I don't know if anyone has ever taken pictures or featured Mr. York's topiaries.

But I hope I can get some pictures of his work. I haven't seen them lately, and he has been ill, so I don't know what shape they are in now.
Happy Trails, Penny, TX