Friday, August 13, 2010

P & N's Pictures in AK. New Fridge.

I just got through talking to my brother Nigel, and sister-in-law Pamala, from England, on their tour of Alaska. 

They have posted more pictures:

They made it to the Arctic Circle:

They are southbound now, at Kenai. 


They saw a moose bathing:

They saw caribou:




Nigel waiting for the clouds to clear, to see Mt. McKinley:


Just peaking between the clouds:

View from a Forestry Campground:



Boy! That would be a beautiful view to awaken to!





Jay and I went to get the new-to-me Frigidaire fridge.  We took the second bench seat out of the minivan, and off we went. 

When we got there, there was another one, a GE, that they were just testing out after having to put a new compressor in it.  They leave them running for a week before putting them up for sale.  It had the clear crisper drawers, and was a bit narrower and a bit taller, so it was a big decision whether to wait for it.   But the one I had put the deposit on, had a lot more storage in the door, and so we bought that one home.

We got it up the steps and in the house with the aid of my big wheel hand truck.  We left it in the grooming room to settle down for two hours, while we had lunch.    After emptying the old one into ice chests and the little fridge in the Middle Room, we took it outside, so it can have a good cleaning. The old one got cleaned under it sometimes, but there were still a lot of dust bunnies under it when we took it out!!  Must put that on a list of things to do more regularly!


Frigidaire3-1 As the Frigidaire was a big wider than the one we took out, it was a tight fit through the interior doors, but we maneuvered it into the kitchen.  It looks good there, even with my lists stuck on it! 

Jay liked this one better because of the rounded edges and fancy handles.  But as I told him: "Beauty is as Beauty does"!

Now I just have to get the rest of the mess we made, cleared up today.

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