Thursday, August 5, 2010

How To Enrich Your Cat's Environment. Food.

 "Climbing, perching, leaping, running, scratching, wildlife-watching—take a look around your house to see if your cat can easily perform these activities. If not, your feline friend may not be as happy as she could be.

Cats who crave excitement may engage in undesirable behaviors, as certified cat behavior consultant Marilyn Krieger has discovered with many of her clients’ pets.

“People go off for hours and hours and don’t provide enough environmental enrichment and things for the cats to do,” says Krieger, a San Francisco resident and owner of The Cat Coach. “They either get bored or … you end up with couch potatoes who are very overweight.” 

Again, I was researching what good pet foods are available for my little furry house residents, as they are so varied in age.

A cat, Bobcat, with arthritis, and a toothless dog, Misty, who are both 15 years old.

dog-Oliver-can-I-hav-more (Small) A 6-7 year old 5lb Chihuahua, Paco, who would eat his weight in food, if I let him.   He will steal food from any of the others.  That is because he was starved before I got him.

2  1-year old foster cats, Patches and Prime.

Each species and age group requires different food, so I have to make sure I am feeding them right.  So I have to have 4 different kinds of wet and dry food, that makes 8,  available for them.

But buying the right good food is cheaper than paying vet bills.

Exercise (Small) Then I needed to research food that is right for me, too, it saves on health issues, and doctor bills!!

One place says it is good for me to eat eggs and meat with my high LDL cholesterol, and others say don't.   I can't take statin drugs, so I need to be careful.

A lot of folks who write these things are just out to be different, and make money!

There is an exerciser in the back yard, and I try to use when I am out there with the dogs, but it isn't enough!

Just a stay-at-home hot day.

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