Tuesday, August 31, 2010

RV Fridge. Defrosting Tip. Topiaries. New Faucet.

by Mark Polk

Mark's RV Quick Tip:
"Here are some quick tips to help maximize your RV refrigerator's efficiency during the dog days of summer:

  • Turn the RV refrigerator on several hours before putting food in it. It’s best to leave it on overnight and put your food in it just prior to leaving on a trip. If at all possible try not to put warm food in the refrigerator. Putting cold food in the refrigerator and freezer will make it work more efficiently.
  • Always keep a small thermometer in your RV refrigerator so you can monitor the temperature. Food can begin to go bad at about 40 degrees.
  • Don't pack the food to close or put too much food in the refrigerator. Air must be able to circulate around the food for the refrigerator to operate properly. Keep a couple of day’s supply of food in the refrigerator and replenish as necessary.
  • Use a small battery operated fan in the refrigerator to assist with air circulation. Place the fan in the lower compartment blowing upward.
  • Try to avoid opening the refrigerator door too much. Continuously opening the refrigerator door and leaving it open for periods of time will affect the efficiency of the refrigerator.
  • The outside temperature will affect the operation of the refrigerator. In hot temperatures try to park the RV in shaded areas, especially on the side of the RV where the refrigerator is located. You can also install a thermostatically controlled refrigerator vent fan that will move the hot air out from behind the refrigerator and make it operate more efficiently.
  • The RV refrigerator must be close to level to operate properly."



    Here is a tip about defrosting your fridge


    "Yes, I'm going to help defrost our RV refrig.  That's always a job, putting everything in ice chests, then the defrost process of melting the ice and dipping out the water, then putting everything back.


    We've just recently learned if you take those "thin" 12" x 15" silicone flexible cutting board sheets that you can get in the house wares section of Wal-Mart and cut them to fit the rear wall of the refrig, then slide the wire shelves back in against them to hold them in place and put freezer contents back in to hold them tight against the wall.

    The next time you defrost, all the ice & frost will be attached to the thin sheet and you just have to remove it and dump it in the sink, and you're done in a fraction of the time and effort. Pretty good, huh?"

    From: http://bwcarolhappy-trails.blogspot.com/



  • Ray and I tested out a single lever faucet that I got from Roni yesterday.  We found 1/2" pipe thread to water hose thread fittings,  so that we could hook it up to a water hose, and make sure that it didn't need a new cartridge, washers or something. It checked out good.  It is such a pain to get under the kitchen sink to R & R a faucet, that we wanted to make sure first.

    The new faucet that we installed a few months ago was defective, the handle kept on coming loose, so it needs to be returned.


    Jim the mechanic finally came to get the cargo trailer today, and he wanted me to go down there to look over the estimate for fixing the broken outriggers.  He is going to install heavier ones.


    Ray went with me, as the Yorks and their topiaries are on the next street.  He knows them better than I do, and I didn't want to be tramping around on their grounds by myself taking the pictures.  I might have backed into one of the many goldfish ponds, or run across a real snake or critter.  

    Since Mr. York has been ill, they haven't been tended like they were in previous years.  Some had lost all their plant cover, and were back to the wire frames.  Others were so overgrown that you had to know what they were.


































    Mouse-over for descriptions.


    It is a shame, as they were so beautiful at one time.  Now they will probably all be thrown away.


    Ray and I installed the faucet in my kitchen, put my swivel-sprayer on the faucet, and now I am all set for today.


    pidge said...

    Such a shame that no one else took an interest in the topiaries. All those hours and hours of love and labor for naught. I guess all the neighbors got a kick out of them though...

    LakeConroePenny,TX said...

    Thank you for your comment, Pidge.

    Yes, Mr. York spent all his time working with, and admiring his creations. He invented them, watered them, and would spend hours out there with them. He hired people to help him tend them and to carry them into that big framed area that could be plastic-ed over for each winter. They weren't even moved out of there last year.

    Everyone in the subdivision would admire them. People would donate their old couches, as he stuffed the frames with foam, to hold water.
    It is an era gone by.
    I thought I had better take some pictures before it was all bulldozed over, just so I could remember them, in Mr. York's memory.

    Gypsy said...

    It is a shame about the topiaries, but if Mr. York loved working with them then they served his purpose.

    LakeConroePenny,TX said...

    Thank you for your very observant and true comment, Gypsy.
    It does put it in a whole new perspective.
    I won't feel so bad about the topiaries demise now. Thanks.