Monday, March 1, 2010

Tax Mistakes. Workamping. New Credit Laws. Fire Prevention.

3 tax mistakes people make every day.
How often did you drive to a doctor last year?
For 2010, the rates are:
  • 50 cents per mile for business miles driven
  • 16.5 cents per mile driven for medical or moving purposes
  • 14 cents per mile driven in service of charitable organizations

“According to a new economic analysis released by the National Parks Conservation Association, America's National Park System generates more than four dollars in value to the public for every tax dollar invested by the Federal Government” From:

Do you want to volunteer at a National Park:

For jobs and volunteer positions:  and:

and: Escapees CARE Needs You at Livingston, TX:   
Volunteers, Pick Your Schedule Now!

Volunteers are critical to CARE. It is the volunteers who drive the CARE residents to their appointments, work in the kitchen, and prepare the light evening meals (soup and sandwiches) on Sunday and Monday. As a volunteer, you can take great pride in being part of an effort that provides such a wonderful benefit.
CARE needs monthly volunteers for the following time periods:
(4) Teams beginning May 1, 2010
(4) Teams beginning June 1, 2010
(5) Teams beginning July 1, 2010
(5) Teams beginning Aug. 1, 2010
(5) Teams beginning Sep. 1, 2010
(2) Teams beginning Oct. 1, 2010
(1) Teams beginning Nov. 1, 2010
(3) Teams beginning Dec. 1, 2010
A team can be one couple or two singles. Singles are welcome! Each team is asked to volunteer for one or two months at a time. From:

What the new credit card law means for you.
Credit card users can expect the most dramatic changes in credit terms, interest rates and fees in decades once a new federal credit card law fully goes into effect.
Here are the highlights of the new credit card laws:

Fire Safety Tip from Mac McCoy

tt”In a compact galley, all combustibles -- from paper towels to curtains -- are apt to be closer to the stove, so use even more caution in your coach than you do at home. A box of baking soda, the ingredient in powder extinguishers, can be used in lieu of a fire extinguisher for minor galley flare-ups.”
"Driving with propane on can add to the danger if you are involved in an accident or have a fire. Most refrigerators will keep food cold or frozen for eight hours without running while you travel. Shut the propane off at the tank."
See why you need to be fire-safe with your RV 

I have a remote sensor thermometer for my fridge, so I can tell if it is getting too warm without opening the door, as I do not travel with the propane on.   I travel less than eight hours a day in my RV anyway.

I went to collect some money that a gal down the street owes me, but the Puddle Jumper wouldn’t start.   I guess the old battery finally needs replacing, as it is the second time in a week.  So I had to go in the van. 

I wish I could have walked, but it was raining again today.

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