Sunday, March 21, 2010

2 Safety Tips. Blown Away!

'New Password' E-mail Scam Plagues Facebook Members

If you get an e-mail with a subject line that reads, "Facebook password reset confirmation customer support," you can just go ahead and hit the delete button. That's because, if you open it, you may fall prey to the latest scam to hit Facebook, and divulge intensely personal password or banking information. The malicious e-mail bears an attachment that, the message claims, contains your new Facebook password. What it really contains, though, is a form of malware that can swipe not only your real Facebook password, but rather any username and password combination stored on your computer.

The careful reader will notice a few tell-tale signs of the e-mail's inauthenticity; Facebook never sends out e-mails like these, and even if it did, it wouldn't use the awkward grammar and lazy punctuation that are all over these messages. Clearly, though, enough people are falling for it to warrant concern.   Considering that there are about 400 million users on Facebook."If you get 10-percent success, that's 40 million." So, just be careful about it, and don't let your computer be one of them.

Fire Safety Tip from Mac McCoy:
”After a long haul involving a steep grade, don't come to a stop and turn your engine off without allowing your vehicle time to cool down. Your transmission fuel temperature could be around 350 degrees, and your brakes will definitely be too hot to allow a quick stop. Turning your engine off too suddenly causes the temperature in your transmission to continue to rise.

With your engine off, your coolant is no longer bleeding the heat from your engine. Instead, allow for a five-minute cool-down period. A hot exhaust pipe from your engine or generator can also run hot enough to start a fire if you drive in high, dry weeds. “

Random RV Thought
”When you do something really stupid with your RV like bang it into a tree branch and make a hole, don't fret. Such misfortunes happen to all RVers sooner or later. Just get it fixed and get on with your life. It's no big deal. Stuff happens.”

 Cancer-march (Small)

It was really windy during the rain yesterday, so Ray and I kept on putting more boards to try to hold down the tarps on the yard sale tables.

This morning it was so cold and windy that Jay and I had trouble even trying to fold them up.  Then things would blow all over and we would have to run to retrieve them.  We were in layers of clothes, and still cold.

We packed the contents of the eight 7ft. tables that were out in the yard, into boxes.  Mostly for one particular charity which has a thrift shop with lots of display area for knick knacks.  It is open tomorrow, so the van is packed to the brim, and those eight tables are folded up and put away.  Eight more tables in the RVport to go!

All those table cloths are in the garage next to the washing machine, it is too cold in there to do laundry today.


Merikay said...

Hello. Thanks for the comment.

I haven't gotten rid of any of my pots and pans, I just put some in a more inaccessible place. That way I can get a feel for what I need to have at hand, and what can be stowed in the "Basement."

I have a crockpot, but have only used it once or twice a year. Since I work at home, I've been able to slow cook on the stove or oven.

I'm going to start trying some slow cook recipes. Last week I made some ribs that my husband loved! Perhaps I should get a copy of the RV Dreamers cookbook!

I've just become your follower, it looks like you really have a lot of information on your blog!

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Thank you so much for you comment.
Once you get your rig, you will be trying to save on utilities more, and the crockpot will come in handy.
Using the oven or cook stove means more trips to the propane place!!

Happy Trails, Penny, TX