Sunday, February 28, 2010

Puppy Burned Alive - Research? Help Chile.

Please help the earthquake victims in Chile.

Pup-burned-alive (Small) “THE PUPPY YOU SEE WAS BURNED ALIVE-To test the effects of burns. It was done at a teaching hospital.
Some of these animals are acquired through fraud and deception (e.g., Class B dealers respond to “free to good home" ads, Craigslist (has a lot of free to good home dogs and cats,), and even steal them from people's yards and trap cats.

Lost companion animals whose families are searching for them may wind up being used in experiments.

Class B dealers routinely violate the Animal Welfare Act. They are required to keep records to show that they acquired the animals legally, but many falsify those records to hide the true sources of the dogs and cats they sell.

The conditions under which these animals are kept are horrendous. The dealers fail to provide adequate food, water, veterinary care, and shelter.”

Please sign the petition, and save these helpless animals:

When you look into these eyes, how could they be so cruel.   These people must be monsters.  How can they sleep at night. 

dog-Hound-eyes (Small)

More at:
"This is Bill Maher of Politically Incorrect asking you not to let your medical or science education go to the dogs…or rabbits, rats, or other animals, for that matter. There are great new ways to learn that don't involve animals at all."

See what your state is doing about it:

Why can’t they just use people on death row?
The animals aren't criminals, they don't deserve to be treated like cold hearted killers.

I know, that would be cruel, but what is this?

Moving Toward Alternatives

”Over the past several decades, educators have begun to question the value of the use of animals. Now, teachers and professors recognize that students can learn equally as well and often better through the use of modern technology. The majority of studies published in peer-reviewed journals show that students learn more when using alternatives to dissection. There is also an important lesson taught when not using real animals: Students learn to respect living beings and begin to appreciate and understand the role of animals in nature. This is fundamental to biology, the study of life. “

Then there are the ones that just don’t care:

“Amy Winehouse has added felines to her list of addictions. She has a habit of taking them in, letting them breed, and then being unable to manage them. She claims to love the animals, but when it was time for her to head to Jamaica, it was time for the cats go. She called an animal shelter to take them off her hands. After all, she had a flight to catch. Just like last year, when another group of cats was abandoned on her way to the Caribbean.”.

Just like a drunk/druggie mentality! 

I am sorry but all the abused animals that I have rescued were caused by a drunk/druggie environment.

<--------I prefer this kind of abuse.

Please sign the petition, and save these helpless animals:

That's enough for today.

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Animal cruelty is inexcusable act. Like humans, animals are also valuable creations by God. The photos are awefully gross.