Wednesday, March 31, 2010

2010 Census - RVers Counted? Identity Theft. Trooper

"How do those of you who are full-time or part-time RVers, having no fixed address and spending most of your time on the road, ensure that you are counted? Follow these simple steps to make sure the 2010 Census includes you.
In case you do have a home in which you live or sleep most of the time, fill that address in the form as your permanent residence. But if you spend equal or more amount of time on the road, you will be counted as living at the address of the RV park/campground you are currently at on the day of the Census." 

Guard Your Identity:

"Most of us have a love-hate relationship with the Internet. We love having the ability to look things up quickly and easily. We love the way it allows us to stay connected with family and friends even when we are across the country!
What we don't like is the threat of viruses or the thought of criminals using spyware to gain access to our personal files and confidential information.

Since people with good credit are often targets of identity theft and credit fraud, the Escapees Mail Service (and Escapees RV Club) shreds all its sensitive mail. The mail service also automatically covers its annual members through a master protection policy. In fact, Travelers was the first insurer to offer this type of identity theft protection and Escapees was the first mail service to insure its members!"

Poor Burned Trooper, is such a trooper!

Troopers-face (Small) Tropper-burned (Small) "TROOPER is a beautiful little blue Pit Bull with an ugly past. Just two months ago, he faced horrible abuse at the hands of a human. He was cruelly and deliberately set on fire after being doused with rubbing alcohol. The pain the little guy must have endured is unthinkable. His burns covered a good part of his torso, neck and belly. One ear was practically burned off and the other permanently disfigured. His eyes were affected and it was unclear if he would have any sight."  More at:

If you are in a dangerous situation:

If you know of an ANIMAL, CHILD, or SENIOR, who is being mistreated, please report it. 
We are their voice.

Sick Stray Cats.

Ray trapped a male cat that looked really beat up and scrawny.  I am glad we got him, as he probably hasn't been vaccinated and is carrying Feline Leukemia, or FIV, both deadly diseases, and spreading it to the neighborhood cats. 
I wish folks would keep their cats contained, as I do, as they kill birds, and lizards, get beat up by other cats or dogs, run over, or die a slow horrible death from diseases.  

I let the Animal Control Officer take him in our trap, as she said that there are several people trapping the stray cats in our area.   To avoid their escaping while being transferred onto the truck, the Officer is taking them in the traps, and returning the empty traps the next day.

I didn't get to Conroe, as planned, but a lovely 'windows open' day.

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