Monday, March 29, 2010

Health Care Reform Will Impact Long-Term Care.

CLASS Act:   

Creates a voluntary payroll deduction plan for long-term care. Employees who pay into the program for at least five years will be entitled to a daily cash benefit of at least $50 that they can use for long-term care at home or in a community-based setting. Medicaid beneficiaries in nursing homes would retain 5 percent of their cash benefit; and Medicaid beneficiaries receiving home and community-based services would keep 50 percent.

The legislation was sponsored and championed by the late Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA) during the last several years of his life.

“The 49 million people who care for older family members were hidden in plain sight, as usual, quietly shouldering a burden that so often takes a heavy toll on their finances and their physical and emotional well-being.

Many of them -- I know a few -- are opposed to the new health care law, even though it includes one of the most important steps ever taken to improve caregivers' lot, especially those of the middle-class persuasion. Of course, hardly any of them are aware of that.

The Community Living Assistance Services and Supports Act, otherwise known as CLASS, provides for a national insurance program to help cover the cost of long-term care -- something 70 percent of people over 65 will need at some point along the way.

The premiums will be much lower than those for private plans, and you won't get screened out because you've already had some health problems. Once vested after five years, enrollees unable to care for themselves will be able to claim cash benefits for as long as needed.
In the last few days, I've conducted a poll of a dozen friends who have been closely following the health care reform debate. I wanted to find out how much they knew about CLASS.
Not one among them had even heard of it. It somehow seemed fitting that this major program, just like the caregivers themselves, was hidden in plain sight.”
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“There's a sleeper in the new health reform law. It came in under the radar. Hardly anybody knows about it.
It's a new government entitlement program to cover long-term care. They're going to take the premiums (upwards of $150 per month) out of your paycheck automatically . . . unless you "opt out."

Finally, a program paying cash (maybe $75) per day, so people can get care at home instead of in a nursing home.

Opponents, like the California Congressman interviewed, think the new CLASS Act will become insolvent before long leaving participants in the lurch. Most people will opt out and those who stay in will be the ones most likely to claim benefits soonest.”

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