Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Easter Bunnies. Passover. Green Duckling.

“Every spring in the U.S., thousands of bunnies are purchased as live toys for children. Exuberant children and ground-loving, easily frightened rabbits are not a good mix, however.

Once the child loses interest and the rabbit grows into adolescence -- including natural behaviors such as chewing, spraying, or digging -- many rabbits are destined to be abandoned on the side of a road.

But because most were bred in the equivalent of puppy mills and taken from their mothers at early ages, these young rabbits are ill-equipped to survive on their own.”
From: https://shop.therainforestsite.com/store/item.do?siteId=221&itemId=33453&origin=adpl..13005..115647

Exploited as pets
“Rabbits are also bred as pets by small-scale breeders and in rabbit mills (equivalent to puppy mills), and then sold privately or in pet stores, or given away as prizes at carnivals and fairs. Customers usually buy rabbits on impulse, and pet stores rarely provide education regarding the care of a pet rabbit.

The new owner is in all likelihood unprepared to care for a rabbit. Although rabbits make good pets in the right hands, they have very special needs, and lack of proper knowledge as to how to care for them leads to the sickness or death of a great many pets, especially after the Easter season, when rabbits are often bought and given to children as gifts.

Thousands are surrendered to animal shelters, where they will be euthanized, and countless others are simply abandoned outdoors to their fates. “

But what do Easter Bunnies have to do with the Bible?


“And try as I might, I couldn't find anything in the Bible mentioning the apostles or early Church celebrating Easter. No eggs or rabbits anywhere. I even found that the one place where the word Easter is found in the Bible—Acts 12:4 in the King James Version—the original word there is actually Pascha, the Greek word for Passover!
I was at a loss to explain this. How was it that millions upon millions of people celebrated a holiday that clearly isn't found in the Bible, while dutifully ignoring a holy observance that is in the Scriptures?”

”Did you know that Jesus commanded Christians to celebrate the Passover?
Most Christians do not know this, and therefore consider the Passover to be a Jewish feast that does not apply to them. “


That is enough of that!

We were camping at a lake, and saw a man was putting a little green duckling into the water.  It had been dyed for Easter, and just had down, and no feathers.  There was no way it could swim or take care of itself.  What was he thinking?
We took it with us for the rest of our trip, keeping it in the bathtub of the RV.   When we got home, we took good care of it until it was old enough to go in our pond.  "Paddy" was very happy there.

So please do not add to the bunnie’s, chicks, or ducklings misfortunes at Easter time, or anytime.

I am going to have the yard sale this weekend, so Jay and I dismantled the wood and pole clothes rack that holds the yard sale clothes.  It always was too high, I know when I go to a thrift shop and the racks are high up, I just walk on.  I want everything to be at the best advantage this time, so it has more chance of getting sold.
We made some pole hangers to screw onto the posts in the RVport, in a much more ‘feng shui’ place and level.  We still have a couple more to do. 
We already put three tables out, and covered them up with tarps, just to get some room in the RVport. 

Poor little old Puddle Jumper car is having to stay outside in the rain today.

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