Thursday, March 25, 2010

Your Lost Pet?

cats-ClassB-Dealers (Small)
Please Help Stop Class B Dealers from Selling Animals For Research:
This DOES concern you, as they could pick up your pet at any time.

Class B dealers collect animals, MISTREAT them, and sell them to research laboratories.
They get them from auctions, breeding farms, puppy mills, pounds, and even pick them up off the streets.
So your beloved lost pet could wind up in this horrible situation.  Please keep them safe.  Dogs should be in a fenced area, not chained to a tree,  and cats should not roam around loose outside. (They kill birds anyway.)

Please sign and help put an end to this barbaric practice.
dog vivi5 (Small)
Vivisection is the act of operating on living animals in scientific research.
(This could be your terrified dog after being "worked on". See the bloody rug and injury on the dog.)
rabbit-burned-for-research (Small) Even the US government is torturing animals, this rabbit was deliberately burned, for “research” :  Please help stop this:
“Some government-mandated tests kill more than 2,000 animals every time they are conducted. And not a single one of these animal tests has ever been formally proved to be relevant to or able to accurately predict human health effects.”

There are alternatives:

See which companies use animals in research:

Simon Cowell is trying to help animals:

Sorry to get on my “Save The Animals” kick again, but it sickens and disgusts me to my core. 
As Gandhi said, "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way it's animals are treated.
Just hoping that others feel the same way, and will help stop this cruelty. 

Jay went with his mother to the Medical Center, Houston, for her usual Thursday appointment since her liver transplant.  So getting a transplant isn’t all there is to it.  She also has to take anti-rejection medicine every day, which makes her feel ill.  But that is better than the alternative.

This yard sale gig is taking up too much time, and I am just going to stick to consigning and donating from here on out! 

I was washing and hanging clothes for the consignment shop, two racks full, then clearing out the back of the RVport of a lot of the empty boxes, for most of the day.

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