Sunday, January 2, 2011

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Jay and Ray worked inside and outside of the cargo trailer on the running lights.  Ray removed each one on the outside and Jay made sure there was enough wire on the inside to let him do that. Some side lights were almost impossible to to move, the wires were so short.  I wanted them to do that before all the paneling was put up, in case of future repairs.  While Ray had the lights off, he re-installed them with new butyl putty tape.  This should be done to all RVs every few years anyway.  Clearance and running lights are one of the main sources of leaks, and they get overlooked very often.

Not a very nice subject, but a lesson learned.    While this was going on outside, I was busy in the grooming room.  One of the foster cats had upchucked her breakfast, this was a first.  So I spring cleaned the whole area.  Then a little while later Bobcat upchucked her breakfast in my bathroom.  The cats are on different diets, and hardly ever meet each other, so I had to try to pinpoint the cause.
The only thing that they had in common was their water.  I had just put a new filter in the Brita jug for their filtered water.  I looked at the plastic wrap the filter comes in, and it had a slit in it, so some germ must have got in there.  They will have to drink our very hard and chlorinated tap water, until I can buy another filter.

Tonight it will be in the mid 20's, so I also had to go around getting ready for that today.


Judy and Emma said...

Thanks for the answer about the trailer, but why do you need a stealth trailer? Are you on a secret mission that you need to be incognito?

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Thanks for you comment, Judy.
No, no secret mission.
I am not building it for me.

Hugs to Emma, I just love her smiley face.