Thursday, January 27, 2011

Misty Rushed to Vet. Dogs Rule!

The minute I got up, I knew something was wrong.

Misty had managed to nose my bedroom door open, and had soiled my living room carpet.  This was totally out of character for her.  Then when she did get back out of her bed, which is under my bed, she could hardly walk.  I had to carry her outside, and she nearly fell over.  At first I thought she just had a tummy upset, though I couldn't imagine from what, as she is never out of my sight, so I gave her 1/2 tablet of Metronidazole.( which is often given to dogs when their tummies get upset.  One dose seems to clear it up, so I hoped that would do it.

When I got Misty six months ago, she went in for her teeth-cleaning and spaying, but her teeth were so infected, that they didn't want to spay her then, because of all the infection in her body.  She was on antibiotics for quite a while, and became a happy, tail-wagging, bouncy gal, something she hadn't been for ages in her previous life. 
As she is 15 years old, we assumed that her late "Dad" had had her fixed, but they could not see a scar. 
So the spaying was delayed to make room for other foster dogs who are adoptable, especially as she might not come into season again.   Also, I have no intact doggie males around here.  At her age, she is not considered adoptable, so I had planned on giving her a good life for the rest of her days.

But then, this morning, I could see that there was something else going on, and assumed that she had  Endrometitis, ( a serious infection of the uterus and is a veterinary emergency).  I called the best vet in Conroe, who I have used for years for emergencies, and they said to take her on in.  Jay went with me, as he knew this was something serious.  The doctor took her temperature, took a swab, and did a sonar gram on her.  He said that there was definitely something bad going on in her uterus,  but seemed to think that it was her gall bladder that was making her hurt and feel so sick right now.  She was so good while all this was going on.    Poor baby, she is shaking with pain.

I had to leave her there, as he wants to do a complete blood work up on her to see if there are other factors (kidney, liver function etc.) which would make it dangerous for her to have the anesthetic. 

We know what will have to be done, if she is considered ineligible.

So I am at the 'sit and wait' stage today.

"Pushy" Dog:

"Happy"  as a baby

Here is Happy all grown Up:


Donna aka Froggi said...

Sending positive vibes for Misty...hoping it's something minor!!

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Thank you so much, Donna.

The hopsital just called and said that her blood work was surprisingly good for a dog her age, so they are going ahead with the surgery.

She will have her uterus removed, and possibly her gall bladder too. But it is also an exploratory surgery, and if he finds something else that they will let her go in peace, while under the anesthetic.

They knew that I wanted to be there, in case that happened, so I am on my way there now.
Happy Tails, Penny, TX

Beth said...

I hope the surgery goes well! Sending hugs!

Sandra said...

Poor little Misty. I hope all goes well for her! I know you will miss her if the worst happens!

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Thank you Beth and Sandra.

I waited there at the hospital during her surgery. The vet knew that I had done "Post-Op" on a lot of animals, so she didn't have to spend the night in the hospital.
She is resting comfortably in her own bed with fresh blankies, but still out of it. When she comes to, I am supposed to give her some Karo syrup, as her blood sugar is down.

Thank you, once again, and Happy Tails, Penny, TX

Dizzy-Dick said...

Hope she returns to good health very soon.

Rod and Loyce Ivers said...

A special mom to be sure!

KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

And how is little Misty the patient doing this morning???

Karen and Steve
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LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Hi Karen, Thank you for asking.
I have already posted, with a picture of her.
She is still out of it, and even though I tried not to cause her any pain, I carried her out to the back yard, and she pee'd.

But she wouldn't eat or drink, so I gave her some NutriCal, and got some water in her mouth with a syringe, without needle, of course.

She has to go back to vet today, so maybe she will have perked up a bit, by then.

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

"A special mom to be sure!"
I try. Thank you, Rod.