Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Eternabond. Butterfly. Cargo Trailer Tank and Window

If you have a leaky RV roof, this will fix it up:


Now, if you have a leaky forehead, this is the way to fix that:
The butterfly bandage shown here is used to hold together the edges of a cut. 
This allows the wound to breathe/release stuff, but keeps edges together.
From: http://www.health.harvard.edu/fhg/firstaid/butterfly.shtml
Gotta spoiled pet? Get him an Airstream



SAM_0531-1 It was breezy up here on this hill, but Jay and I worked on making the sturdy stand for the water tank over the wheel well, inside the trailer. 

We stuck weather membrane in the tray to water proof it, in case of leaks.  This stuff is like black Eternabond, but 6" wide, and is used for ice dams up north.   It will be hidden under the dinette.  The tank has a drain in the bottom, so we had to allow for that height, too.  That drain will be connected to a little faucet outside.

As it had warmed up slightly, we moved to the outside of the trailer, and  cut the hole in the metal siding for the window over the kitchen area.


It isn't finished yet, but that was enough for today.


Weldon and Sandy said...

Yes the Eternabond tape does everything they say it does. We have completed the drivers side of the roof on our motorhome. Will complete the othe side when warmer weather returns.

pidge said...

Looks like things are coming right along on the trailer. Love the picture of the dog in the Airstream. Adorable!!

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Weldon and Sandy...but have you ever tried to REMOVE Eternabond? It is just about impossible!

Pidge, that is a real little dog house made to look like an Airstream.

The cargo trailer is coming along slowly. We just spend a couple of hours or so, on it at a time.