Saturday, January 29, 2011

Transmission Towers. Onions. Strokes. Heart Attacks. Misty. Cargo Trailer.

I know folks are always interested in earning additional income, for the upwardly mobile amongst us,  a 1,700' climb to get to work, how would you like this job: 
Someone has to do it!  Do you think about that when you use your cell phone?

I think doing this would give me a stroke or heart attack.


Add These to Your Sandwich to Stop Strokes

"Whether you're noshing on a lean turkey with tomato or a veggie delight, add these to your sandwich to reduce your risk of stroke: onions.
Onions are brimming with flavonols, and new research suggests that these nutritional goodies could downsize the risk of stroke by as much as 20 percent.

Fabulous, Flavorful Flavonols
The key flavonol compounds for stroke prevention appear to be myricetin, apigenin, luteolin, kaempferol, and quercetin. But don't worry about pronouncing them. Just know that they have inflammation-cooling effects -- especially the quercetin -- and that translates into a lower risk of stroke-inducing blood clots. Flavonols also appear to relax and dilate blood vessels, another buffer against strokes."

Deb, take notice!

What a Heart Attack Feels Like

Different for men and women:
heart attack signs, symptoms
"Surprisingly few people have the classic Hollywood heart attack, the kind that leaves them clutching their chests and staggering.
Chest pain is the most common symptom of a heart attack. Victims typically suffer shortness of breath, jaw pain, arm pain, nausea and vomiting.
"I didn't fall to my knees""

More at:

Yesterday, when I saw Misty's bill, I nearly had a heart attack.

 She had to go back to the vet to get the catheter taken out of her arm, and I had intended to stop at a couple of places on the way home.  She is well enough to walk into the vet on a leash now.

But, in usual TX winter weather style, (if you don't like the weather, just wait a day), it was 76 deg. and the windows in the van heated up the inside so much that there was no way I could leave her in the van.   So I had to come straight home, running the AC.

I had bought a twin size bedspread and sham for my full size bed at a thrift shop the other day.  There was method in my madness,  I couldn't see when Paco took over Misty's larger bed, as if I bunched up the larger comforter, it looked stupid.   She and I hate it when he does that.  I want her to be comfortable.  All I have to say, now that I can see him, is "Get in your own bed", and he does.

Another-kitchen window

Jay and I cut out for the second kitchen window, too, before I took her to the vet.



Illustration of a base cabinet toe kick.
Ray was been able to get away from his sick father-in-law's bedside, and he put another coat of sealer on the roof of the cargo trailer.

Jay and I put the corner countertop on the floor in the trailer, and traced out the pattern on the lino with a pencil. Then we deducted for the toe kick area, which is 3" deep. 


Then we put the fridge on the markings, and marked where it would be, under the corner sink. 
We laid out these sticks to get an idea of how it would look. The counter is 3" deeper than the sticks, to allow for the toe kick.  There won't be much cupboard space, but it is a small trailer.

All three cats are on the screen porch, as it is a lovely, sunny, warm day.

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Debbie and Rod said...

Sheesh, I'm not the only person in the world to not like onions. I'll eat the apples, broccoli, dark leafy greens, or berries before I'll touch an onion. The article also had a LONG list of other foods with flavonoid rich foods. I'll let the rest of you eat the onions.