Sunday, January 16, 2011

Meet Your Meat.

About my yesterday's journal:       Nellie of ThE MidLiFe CrUiSeR  commented:

"I stopped eating meat from factory farms/feed lots. I only eat 100% grass fed. It's not cheap, and so we don't buy it often.

When driving by a feed lot on our travels, I was HORRIFIED by the conditions the feed lot cows are living in. It changed my perception of "farms" instantly.

I couldn't believe the info you posted today. I verified thanks to your sources, and now I'm HORRIFIED that this information isn't splashed across every magazine and newspaper and news program.

Seems like everybody is in bed together. I'm disgusted."


I wish everyone thought like Nellie does. It is a shame that most people don't know what they are eating.

Some, just don't want to know, so this journal is for those who do.

I saw the enormous dirty, horrible feed lots in Dodge City, and you could smell them from miles away. The locals said that it was "the smell of money". It is terrible that civilized people would make animals live like that, for money.

But that is nothing compared to what the milk cows, pigs, turkeys, calves and chickens go through.


If you buying your meat at the grocery store, or eating fast food, you aren't eating real farm animals, you are eating 'factory farm' animals.

Here is where factory farm beef, pork, chickens, turkeys and milk comes from:
In a moving narration, actor and activist Alec Baldwin exposes the truth behind humanity's cruelest invention ― the factory farm.


Do you really want to eat 'factory farm' food?

Kroger's sells Nolan Ryan's Grass Fed, Antibiotic Free, Hormone Free Beef.

I am not saying it is the best, but it is what is available around here.


Little Paco acted very timid with the prospective new 'parents', so he didn't get adopted at Adoption Day yesterday.


Dizzy-Dick said...

There is quite a difference in "grass fed" and "certified grass fed" beef. We have had the certified shipped to us. Although I eat little beef, when I do I like the best. The fat in certified grass fed beef is as good for you as fish oil and, if you noticed, it is a different color. Range fed or grass fed is so much better than regular and the certified one is even better since it is under stricter rules.

pidge said...

Thanks for your daily info. A lot of us do appreciate it. One thing I never go cheap on is food. We are what we put in our bodies, as far as I am concerned. I think everyone demanded more good meat, the price would come down. The same with eggs and everything else.

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Thank you for your comments, Dizzy-Dick and Pidge.

Yes, Dizzy, I knew there was a difference between grass fed and certified grass fed:
Thanks for pointing that out.

Pidge, that is why I am hoping to get people to really think, before they buy 'feedlot beef' instead of real grass fed beef.

If enough people are made aware of this unhealthy beef, maybe this will stop the sicknesses of Americans, lining the doctor's coffers, and suffering of the cattle.

Happy Trails, to you both, Penny, TX