Monday, April 5, 2010

Census. Are People Taller? Hives.

Census11 (Small) Sled dogs and mushers run a trail in the remote Inupiat Eskimo village Noorvik, Alaska, as practice for the arrival of U.S. Census workers.

What to do you if you have not received a census form:
Wait until April 12 to allow time for it to arrive.
Millions of census forms are on their way to households across the country.
If you have not received your form by April 12, you may call a toll-free U.S. Census Bureau help line:  English: (866) 872-6868        Spanish: (866) 935-2010
You can also complete a “Be Counted” questionnaire if you have not received your form. The questionnaires — similar to the mailed forms but without an address — are available at public locations such as libraries and city halls through April 19. A full list of the locations is posted at

PICT0002-1 (Small) After I washed the plain beige top sheet to match my ‘Lighthouse and Shells’ fitted sheet, I put them on my full size bed, and the fitted sheet was too long.
Then, when I tried the pretty blue ‘butterfly pattern’ fitted sheet that I just bought, and it was also too long.  I already had a plain blue top sheet that would go with it.
I like my sheets to be nice and taut, but these just wiggled all over the place.

So I looked at:  and found this: Mattress Sizes
  • Twin--39 x 75 inches (or 99 x 190 cm)
  • X-Long Twin--39 x 80 inches (99 x 203 cm)
  • Full--54 x 75 inches (137 x 190 cm)
  • Queen--60 x 80 inches (or 153 x 203 cm)
  • King--76 x 80 inches (or 198 x 203 cm)
  • California King--72 x 84 inches (or 182 x 213 cm)
My bed is only 6’ (72”) long, so I thought all full size beds were.   When did they start making them longer?  Has the new generation grown taller?   Then I saw this:

“Currently in the United States there are over 1.5 million women whose height is over 5 feet and 9 inches. Compare this to Japan where the average male is only 5 feet tall flat!
There is a direct correlation between the height of nation and it’s nutritional health. Each generation has tended to average in a little taller than the last and some will argue that this is also due to the increased awareness of good nutrition.
Poor health in past years attributed to poor diets and lack of fresh foods has meant that people did not grow as tall as they did today. Height statistics show this to be a trend set to continue.” 

But people are also getting wider!!   Years ago a double bed was 48", now called a 3/4 size.

I am only 5’, so the new length bed would be superfluous, and just take up more floor space. 
I already had the bed when I made my own Tempurpedic style mattress with dense foam and memory foam.
Then I found out that sofa bed sheets are only 72” long.  So that is what I will have to buy in the future. It is a good thing a carry a tape measure with me!

This morning I saw the Allergist.  After the nurse put the sphygmomanometer on my arm to check my blood pressure, it left a welt on my arm.  Now, other times when I have had anything tight on me, that part would itch like crazy, but not today.  When the doctor saw that, she put an X on my arm with her nail, and a red swollen X came up on my arm. So she assumed that the only thing wrong with me is Dermatographic urticaria, (also known as dermographism, dermatographism or "skin writing").

But I know better,  because she hasn’t seen me when I come up in full blown hives, which I haven’t done for over a week.  But, also, due to unusual circumstances, I haven’t eaten any beef for a week.

Just to try out my theory, I am cooking beef today.


Ken and Nanette said...


You just threw my "our bed is shrinking" theory right out the window! lol

Ken and Nanette

Merikay said...

Hope you don't break out, or maybe you should and prove your theory that it is the beef.