Friday, April 30, 2010

Top Museums. Pay Day Loans.

Room_of_the_Louvre_museum (Small)"The Louvre in Paris topped the art museum attendance numbers for 2009, with 8.5 million visitors.
Home to nearly 35,000 objects -- and a McDonalds -- the museum houses three of the most sought after art pieces: the "Mona Lisa," the "Venus de Milo," and the "Winged Victory of Samothrace." 
More about Louvre:

"The British Museum in London came in second with around 5.6 million visitors, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art had  4.9 million guests walk through its doors. "
British_Museum_from_NE (Small)

More about the British Museum:
and :
Most Visited Art Museums in 2009
Louvre, Paris 8.5 million
British Museum, London 5.6 million
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York 4.9 million
National Gallery, London 4.8 million
Tate Modern, London 4.7 million
National Gallery of Art, Washington DC 4.6 million
Centre Pompidou, Paris 3.5 million
Musee d'Orsay, Paris 3 million
Museo Nacional del Prado, Madrid 2.8 million
National Museum of Korea, Seoul 2.7 million
Source: The Art Newspaper
The numbers were released by the Art Newspaper, a British publication who has surveyed art museum attendance figures for 15 years.
The most visited exhibitions were also surveyed, with Japan claiming the top four slots.
Tokyo National Museum's "Ashura" exhibition attracted 15,960 people per day, just ahead of Nara National Museum's "61st Annual Exhibition of Shoso-in Treasures," with 14,965 attendees per day."
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This was a cloudy goofing off day!  I took Jay to cash his check, and pay off a big bill he had in the next town.  He had borrowed from one of those rip off places that charge you $50 per month for a $200 loan!  You are expected to pay it off with your next check.  If you can't pay it off, they charge you $50 to refinance it, each month!  We are in the wrong business! 

I didn't see the paperwork, so I hope he paid it off.  I'll let his mother check on that.  I was wandering around the Kroger store next door.  I got a great deal on some salmon, so I was glad that I keep the little 12v. fridge in the van.

Then we went to five thrift shops, and the Habitat for PICT0005-1 (Small)Humanity store.  It was raining off and on, but obliged us by stopping every time we had to get out of the van or a store.

Jay bought something at each of them, but I just came home with this 50 cent cute cat scratching mat which hangs on a door knob.

PICT0001-1 (Small) It has a little pocket at the back for putting catnip, and after it was Lysol-ed, Prime took charge of it.

Patches just got to sniff at it. 
PICT0002-1 (Small)

I sure got my walking in today.

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