Saturday, April 24, 2010

Endangered Parks. Appalachian Trail. B+ Windows.

"Our national parks system is a thing of beauty -- from the depths of the Grand Canyon to the peaks of the Smoky Mountains. With 285 million people visiting at least one of the 392 parks in 2009, they are also some of the most popular tourist destinations in America.
But the parks are in danger. As Kurt Repanshek, journalist and founder of, points out, there are a number of different issues that are contributing to downfall of our most precious spaces."      More at:|htmlws-main-n|dl4|link4|

Feds Risk millions if state parks close.
State move to shut facilities draws warning from National Parks Service.
“ALBANY -- Federal officials are threatening to withhold millions of dollars in funding to the state if the Paterson administration pushes forward with its plan to close parks around the state.”
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Appalachian National Scenic Trail
“As one of the most beloved recreational footpaths in the United States, the Appalachian National Scenic Trail stretches 2,178 miles from Georgia to Maine. Every year, the trail provides solitude, quiet, and a wilderness-like experience for nearly two million hikers who walk some portion of the trail, whether it's a mile, the entire length, or something in between. “
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When I picked up Jay, I took my thumb drive with me, which has Malwarebytes on it, and inserted it in Claudia's laptop.   It is so slow that the cable guy who installed her cable modem yesterday, said it must have a virus.  It is so slow that it couldn't crawl out of a wet paper bag, so I just left it running.

Jay and I installed the other two trolley top windows in the B+.  I was outside, up on the ladder holding and positioning them, while Jay was inside lining up the holes, and putting in the screws.   Here they are with the butyl squishing out like it is supposed to:

Butyl-squishing-L (Small)
Butyl-squishing-R (Small)
As I was so close to them, up on an extension ladder, I couldn't take it all in one shot!!  If I had stepped back……. 

Tomorrow, all going well, Ray will scrape off the excess butyl putty tape, and put a fine bead of caulk around them for a finishing touch.

When we got back to Claudia's, I got her router installed.  The whole idea of that was that she wanted to be online in her recliner.  Malwarebytes had found NO virus.  Everything takes forever to do on her computer.  It would drive me crazy! 

lady-growling-at-her-laptop (Small)We got the WiFi going, but it was still so slow it couldn't catch a cold.  I think it is because it only has 192 RAM, but what do I know! 

We deleted some programs that she has not used since she moved back from her daughter's in San Antonio where they had smokin' hot WiFi.  Her computer wasn't slow like this, when she was there.

I got Maddie to hold still long enough to take this:

Another friend of theirs showed up, and he started a System Restore on it, so I left.

After three hours there, I had had enough for today!

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