Friday, April 9, 2010

How Could Passers-By Ignore Maybel? B+ Windows.

Maybel:  Greener Pastures
“Maybel was found on the side of the road next to her mother who had been caught in a cattle guard.  Maybel had previously been hit by a car and was very thin.  She had a broken pelvis and was having trouble breathing.  She was standing next to her mother who had broken both front legs in the cattle guard and was bleeding to death.  Several Police Officers and a Livestock Inspector were standing around arguing about who's job it really was to shoot the mare.  The Livestock inspector finally did.

This mare undoubtedly suffered tremendously.  The filly was brought to me to care for and try to save.  She was covered in blood, her mother's, and was very thin and week.  We tried for several days to save her life, but she had a tracheal injury that finally killed her.  She and her mother were running loose on the highway due to "free range" laws in place in New Mexico and on the Reservation.

Maybel was around 8 months old.  She had no body fat, was wormy, had a fractured pelvis, a bullet wound in her shoulder and tracheal injury.  She had a big "spark" in her eye and tremendous will to live.  After a week of incredible effort by everyone involved, but especially Maybel, she died.  Maybel will always be remembered, not only because of the shape she was in, but because of her awesome spirit.

During the time Maybel and her mother were on that road, hundreds of people drove by without paying any attention.  How long did it take these horses to get into this condition in the first place?  How many people ignored them then?  They didn't get this way overnight!

Sadly there are horses wandering around like that all the time, and people just pretend they don't exist.  In the law's eyes, if no owner comes forward, no one is held responsible for horses in this condition, yet if someone like me tries to help them, that is illegal in this state.  It is still on the books as horse thieving.  Even if there is no owner and the horse is in such bad shape that if there was an owner, they wouldn't deserve to get the horse back anyway!

Yet, people like myself and everyone that helped with Maybel, simply cannot and will not look the other way.  We have to rescue and rehab very quietly.  Now, we work directly with the local Vet and that makes legalities much easier.  The Vet has control over medical issues involving care and placement and that allows us time to wade through the red tape and allows us to care for the horse in spite of the red tape. “
This is the rescue that did their best for Maybel:

This should not have been left to get to that stage, how come people ignored Maybel and her mother’s plight?
Again, I implore you, if you see an animal, senior or child in need, PLEASE REPORT IT.  We are their voice.

Dicor-trolley.1 (Small) Ray and I worked on several jobs today.   As there was no wind, we lit the burn pile.

Then he carefully put Dicor RV caulk on the trolley top windows off my B+.  Jay and I had sanded, and scraped off the worst parts of the previous owners ‘gooping’.

 We knew that the windows would have to be re-painted black, after being caulked.  We also scraped silicone from a previous fix, and silicone is a NO-NO on RVs, it just makes a path for leaks.

The windows will never look perfect again, but fortunately they are high on top, and won’t be scrutinized like side windows.  It will be Sunday before Ray can re-paint them.

Rain-shield-1 (Small) Ray also painted a plastic ‘ruff’ country blue, that Jay and I made for my bird feeder.  It is to help keep water away from the bird seed, and also drain the rain onto my Red Maple Tree.  Here it is installed.

Also, we found the time to clean one of my air cleaners, today.

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