Sunday, February 21, 2010

Re-stringing Day/Night Shades. Followers. Mindi's Dogs. Loose Screws.

One thing that seems like it needs to be done every now and then:
Here is where you can buy the strings:
Here is the place if you need to watch a how-to video:

For a long time there was a place that needed burping in my computer, and I could not see 'My Followers'.
Now that I can see y'all,  I can see some new ones, and some people that I have never heard of.  I want to thank you for following along with me.  I hope that some things are interesting, or useful to you.  Again, THANK YOU.


This morning when I opened the blinds to the porch, the temperature was 60 deg.!  Hasn’t been that warm out there for a long time.  I put Patches and Prime out there, and they had their breakfasts out there, too. 
This worked out fine, as Mindi was bringing some of her dogs at 9.30, so the cats could be on the porch instead of staying locked up in their cages.

Ray caulked a place on my van where it had leaked, so we will see if that worked next time it rains.  He also got the nail punchers and tapped in the finish nails that Jay had put around the trim when we installed the new AC in the grooming room.  Then he was able to caulk them, so that trim can be re-painted.

We couldn't do it today as little old Sheba, (with the collapsed trachea), was in there, and she coughs at the drop of a hat.  I was so glad we had the new AC installed, as if I don’t keep her at around 68 deg. she starts coughing again.  Today being a lot warmer,  I had to turn it on for the first time.  Seems like forever that I have had the heat turned on in there.

Then we tried to finish what we had started in December, and get the screws and nails etc., all in their correct little drawers and bins in the workshop.  

It has just been too darned cold to work in there since then.

So here they are, and we know where everything is:

So I better not have a loose screw, or a screw loose, today

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Mom of Bark+Bite said...

I need your help. Sam the boxer has a food digestion problem. I had him on Blue Brand Dog Food. Very good, but for budget reasons I changed to Natures Recipe. I have not had any problems this past year. The bag reads Easy Digestible Nutrition, No Beef Corn or Wheat. No By Products or Fillers, No Artificial Preservatives.I went to buy a bag a few days ago. On some of the shelves at Pet Smart there were bags that had a whole new look. They did not have any of this information on them. They had change to telling you what -good- things were in the food. I think one line said something about tomatoes? You keep up with this and I value your opinion. Do you know if they have change their product? I thought it was a good dog food but now I am not sure. A 65 lb. dog eats a lot.