Saturday, February 27, 2010

You Can Save A Life. Skimmers. Ditty Bags.

No mouth-to-mouth, and easy to do until help comes:


Beware of skimmers at the pumps AGAIN:

“In the initial report, it is stated that consumers will have more protection from skimmers when Visa requires merchants to go to a triple data encryption standard in July of this year, which is a good move, but unfortunately this won't prevent skimming attacks involving second pinpads and modified card readers like those installed inside gas pumps.

Until gas pumps are outfitted with the anti skimming technology that is being developed for ATMs, consumers concerned consumers should use a credit card at the pump or head inside to pay. It is important to note that while using your debit card as credit at the pump won't expose your PIN number to the perps, it doesn't afford you the same protections as using credit.”  From:|htmlws-main-n|dl4|link4|

I know, I know, I should use tiny URLs.

Ditty Bags.

Apart from all the usual daily chores, I spent the day catching up on emails, and sorting out my ‘ditty bag’ as my late DH used to call it.  He was an OTR trucker for a while, and his bag was always packed ready for the next trip.  Just clean underwear, change of clothes or two, toilet articles and his carton of cigarettes.  Then all he had to pack was his Thermos of coffee.

I got in the habit of keeping a ditty bag packed when my wonderful previous mother-in-law, (my youngest son’s grandma in OK), started to go downhill in her 80's.   I never knew if it would be a mad dash in a car, or more leisurely journey in the RV.

Then, I got used to it being so easy to grab when going on an RV trip, but it kinda grew!

I never went on a trip unless it was in the RV.  It stays packed down with all the regular stuff; coffee maker, dishes, pillows, sheets, blankets, (in suck down bags), towels, maps, bird books, canned food, but toilet articles tend to melt during these long, hot summers, so they can’t be left in there.

Now, as I have made several bus trips to look at RVs,  I can’t use or carry all that stuff.  So I have it sorted out into three bags.  One bag with just the very essentials for a bus trip, including a very small first aid kit.

Another bag, pink, with a more expanded supply of toilet and medical supplies, for the RV.

A third, with more things like binoculars, clock, calculator, Bobcat’s harness and leash, fanny pack with camera holder, swim suit, beach shoes, all the extra things to go in the RV.

All the bags are squashable, so they will fit in crevices in the RV.  I don't like bins, they take up too much room. Then all I have to pack are the things on my RV list;  like the fridge food, dry food, (i.e coffee, creamer, sugar), compressor, laptop, chargers, camera, Bobcat's stroller, more clothes, etc. Then Bobcat in her carrier.   That still takes a while!

Maybe it is Hitch Itch!  The weather is starting to get better, so I wish I could have gone on a trip today.

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