Thursday, February 18, 2010

Lip Tattoo In Mexico. "Burning Desire"!!

From Peggi’s Journal:

Please note  ------- it is Peggi that had this done, NOT me:

<----- Before tattoo.
“Early TUESDAY, John and I headed to Mexico. The weatherman promised rain, but I was on a mission – thankfully the rain held off till late that night. For the past few years I have wanted to have the outline of my mouth tattooed with an outline. Mexico promotes this procedure big time plus eyeliner (top and bottom) and eyebrows too.  (In my working life I used to sell Vanda Beauty Counsellor and giving facials was a daily event).

 "I ‘ve decided to hold off on the eye area for now, but the older I get the more the outline of my mouth seems to fade into infinity. Yes I routinely added a line with a lip pencil and fill in with colour, but I eat that topical application off.   

"NOTE... I only mention this in case there are other ‘older’ ladies who sometimes winter in the Rio Grande Valley with a similar problem. I selfishly trying to show others how brave I was.

"Our first stop was at the Elegante Boutique for a great $9.00 pedicure. It gave me time to think about putting my wishes into reality. While there I decided to bite the bullet and request an appointment with Alma, the Tattoo Artist. To give me an idea what she planned to do, she first outlined my mouth with pencil. Since it looked very natural I agreed to the Tattoo. The procedure took about 30 minutes. This is one without make-up ----->

"For those who do not know how this comes down. Alma injected a freezing solution to the two central-side portions of the top and bottom inside lip area. She then began tattooing a fine line to the outline of my mouth with a light plum colour. I admit that I did have a minor bit of discomfort during the procedure and for the first couple of days after I left her chair; but thanks to a prescribed cream, it was not an unpleasant experience.
"Five days later, I cannot believe how extremely natural my mouth looks. Only downside is my outside lip area still feels a bit dry – so I still must continually use a lip gloss. That too is slowly changing. I chose to only have the outline – without the fill-in colour. 

<----- After
"My appearance or smile is slightly different but now when you meet me, I at least have a subtle upper lip outline. Would I do this again? You bet! FYI cost was $75.00 and all hygienic actions were taken. (with fill-in colour included, cost is slightly over the $100.) I look at this slight modification as simply a necessary evil to getting older. Not everyone is affected the same way but very few of us are even close to perfect. “


When I asked Peggi's permission to copy and paste this, she agreed and sent me these pictures, of before and after.


This morning, when they said on the Houston news that there would be no wind today, that set my schedule in motion for today. A great day for burning the mound of pine needles that were in the burn pile.  It has just been too windy to think about doing it before now.
I checked with our little private weather station across the road, Squirrel Tree Ranch, Willis, Texas (PWS) on Weather Underground, and it also said that there would be NO wind this morning.

As Jay wanted to work, I drove down to get him.  We strung water hoses out there, and wet down around the pile before lighting it. 
After trying out some 8 O’Clock Colombian coffee that I bought yesterday, (voted A+), we raked front, back and side yards, burning all the old pine needles, and piling more and more on the fire until they were all gone.  One way to get exercise!

The whole place looks a lot better today.


squawmama said...

Penny... How great for you! I have had my eyes, eyebrows & mouth done about 6 years ago and LOVE it! I would not fill in the mouth next time... just liner like you! It was very painful but the eyeliner was so much easier for me...Wish I was there with you... I could use a retouch!

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Hi Donna,
Thank you for your comment, but I didn't have it done.
As I said, it was Peggi, the writer of RVLiving who had it done:

I was posting this, as so many are down in the valley right now, and might want to know where to get it done. I am a long way from there, about 500 miles, as I am north of Houston, on Lake Conroe.

If you look at my profile, you will see that I don't look like Peggi, as I hardly ever wear make-up, because I am allergic. Also, my DH is no longer with us, RIP.

Happy Trails, Penny, TX

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Penny, just wanted to thank you for becoming a follower Of Donna & My blog (Sam&DonnaRVVagabonds)I read your blog just about everyday and enjoy your humorous outlock. I am looking for any advice I can get in regards to the blog and our future fulltiming,Thanks again ,Sam & Donna