Saturday, February 13, 2010

Tragedy. Electricity or Propane?

"For Nodar Kumaritashvili, a 21-year-old crash Nodar Kumaritashvili,(Small) luger from the former Soviet republic of Georgia, this would be his death.
The remaining Georgian athletes decided to stay in Canada and compete. With heavy hearts and sad faces, they marched in to a warm standing ovation from the 60,000 spectators. "They decided to be loyal to the spirit of the Olympic Games,'' said Nikolos Rurua, the country's minister of culture and sport. "They will dedicate their performances to their fallen comrade.'' Wearing red, they slowly made their way across the snow-covered surface.”

I am sure we all wish to pray for the family and teammates of this lost soul.

What costs most, electricity or propane?  This is an interesting article from Kirk and Pat’s RV Adventure.

“RV folks often wonder which source of energy is more costly to use. Keep in mind that in many RV parks the site includes electricity so those situations make it pretty clear since they don't include propane. But when you stay for longer periods, then most parks charge a monthly rate, plus electricity.  Here are a few facts that with simple math should allow you to compare the two and get your answer.
Remember that the rate charged by RV parks for electric power varies widely. Escapee parks do not add any profit margin to the bill that they pay, but many parks do this. I have seen rates in the past year that ranged from a low of $0.09 to as much as $0.21 per kilowatt hour.……."

Effective energy comparisons:
One kW hour of electricity is 3,412 Btu's.
One gallon of propane is 91,502 X 70% efficiency equals 64,051 Btu's.
One pound of propane is 21,548 X 70% efficiency equals 15,083 Btu's.

Volume comparisons allowing for efficiency:
One gallon of propane is equal in useful energy to 18.8 KWh of electricity.
One pound of propane is equal in useful energy to 4.4 KWh of electricity.
Multiply the propane price per gallon by 0.0259 to give the equivalent price per kilowatt hour of electricity, considering the efficiency factors.
Multiply the electricity price per kWh by 18.8 to give the equivalent price per gallon of propane, considering efficiency.
Multiply propane cost per pound by .226 to determine equivalent price  per kilowatt hour.
Multiply the cost per kilowatt hour by  4.4 to determine equivalent price per pound of propane.”

So get out your calculator and work out your costs here:

Credit Card Companies Must Not Profit From Charitable Donations

“The major credit card companies — Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express — responded to public outcry against this practice with half-measures and smoke and mirrors. They chose a very small group of charities which would be exempt from those fees for a very limited amount of time. Donations sent to help in Haiti — such as those to Partners in Health, Doctors Without Borders, and Mercy Corps — are still subject to excessive and amoral fees.”   Petition here:

It was supposed to be sunny and 60 deg. here, but it is still 39 deg. and overcast, so no outside work today.

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