Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Peanut Butter and What!!

Suzy and Jerry who live in Rocinante, "Rosie" for short, a 2001 Itasca Suncruiser, had this to say about making peanut butter and ONION sandwiches:

“So, to set the record straight, Suzy and I are guilty as charged of making, eating and loving peanut butter and onion sandwiches. Of course Suzy thought the entire LeRoy family was as nutty as a fruitcake when we offered her the first one. But as game as she is, she took one bite and was instantly converted to a believer.
For you folks out there, this may be hard to believe, so we offer you the recipe and process to try for yourselves.

IMG_4613 First, take two slices of good bread for each sandwich. That’s the common part with most other sandwiches. We usually use a bread that is high in fiber, but we know some of you stick to good old white bread. Like when you were little kids. And you didn’t like the crust. And Mom said eat it anyway!

IMG_4615 Slather one piece of bread with a good layer of peanut butter. We like chunky, but some of you may prefer smooth, the kind that doesn’t have lumps.
So far this isn’t any different than a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. But the anticipation is killing you, isn’t it?

IMG_4617 Then slather the other piece of bread with mayonnaise. We like light mayo, but you can use what you have in your cupboard. If it’s already been opened, you’ll probably find it in your refrigerator.
IMG_4620 Here comes the good part! Take a nice big sweet red onion (or you can use a Vidalia or Walla Walla if you have it). Take off that papery outside skin, and slice right through the middle of the onion. And you now have a choice – you can make one thick slice (1/4 inch), or if you are good with a knife, make a pile of thin slices.

IMG_4621 Toss the sliced onion on the peanut butter side of the sandwich.
IMG_4622The next step is important. Sprinkle just a little salt on the sliced onion.

Now, assemble the two halves. It’s easier if you pick up the mayonnaise half and put it on top of the peanut butter and onion side. Otherwise, the onion slices may fall on the floor, and what a waste that would be.
IMG_4625 Divide each sandwich in half, either crosswise or diagonally. It’s your choice. Put the two halves on a plate.
Don’t eat it yet. Pour each participant a big glass of cold milk. We prefer nonfat, but it’s your choice if you’ve come this far with us.

IMG_4629 Each participant then picks up one sandwich half, inserts a portion of it into his or her mouth, and bites down. Heavenly!     From:

Vampire Day, or blood-letting!!
Last night I moved the creamer and organic sugar away from the coffee maker, so I would not use them this morning.  Reluctantly, I drank just black coffee with my emails.

Jay also had to go to his doctor, so I took him into the next town, Conroe, too.   It didn’t take long for the vampire lady to suck two vials of my blood,  so on to Jay’s doctor.  That took quite a while, but it was a nice sunny day, so I spent the time outside reading a Readers Digest, drinking ‘white’ coffee, which I had in a thermos in the van.

As we were near Taco Cabana, and we had a coupon, we ate flauta dinners there.  I ate the chicken out of mine, and saved the ‘shells’ for the birds in the different parking lots.

 We were also near the Salvation Army Thrift Shop, but their neighbor, a Bingo Hall, had every parking space filled, so we didn’t stop.  A quick look at two other thrift shops, but we didn’t see anything that said “Take me home”, so on to Walmart for Jay’s prescriptions.  The ‘parking lot birds’ there had some of the greasy deep fried shells of the flautas!!

At the big Flagship Krogers, their birds got some more, while we looked for, and found, a special non-alcoholic wine that Claudia likes, called Fre White Zinfandel:  We had looked in a smaller Krogers and Walmart, but couldn’t find it. (There are 3 Krogers in Conroe, and also one in our hometown.)
By the time I got home, it was time to start dinner and feed the cats.

A full day.

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The Adventures of Shadow the RVing Dog said...

Hi Penny, Thank you for commenting on my blog.
It really made my day. I looked at your blog and see we have other things in common. I am also very interested in MADD. Driving under the influence is a HUGE problem and most states need a kick in the pants to inforce the laws they have and get some stiffer laws in most states! I am from WI and the laws are a joke! I could go on about this for hours!!!!!!!! Thanks again for noticing my blog and for having such wonderful values and beliefs with both animals and humans! Safe Travels,