Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The tax credit you may not be aware of -- do you qualify? Free KOA Day.

You may not have worked at the old 9-5, but you still may have earned income if you were a workamper.  FAQ at:

Free assistance on Feb. 20th:

“In late January, the IRS and Treasury Department organized EITC Awareness Day to highlight the availability of the tax credit. According to the IRS, nearly 24 million people took advantage of the Earned Income Tax Credit last year, receiving nearly $50 billion in benefits.

Just because EITC Awareness Day has passed doesn't mean the IRS will cease its efforts to promote the credit. To assist EITC taxpayers, 167 IRS assistance centers will offer Saturday service on February 20. Click here to find a center near you.”  Or:

Howard goes into this, at length, here:
Looks like a lot of paperwork to me!!

Another date to bookmark, if you wish to participate in ‘KOA Free Day’.  Pay for 14th. May, get 15th May free.   Here is the list of KOA’s:

Last night, Ray trapped the nasty old feral tom cat who hurt our sweet ‘Orange Glow’, so I am waiting for Animal Control, today.

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