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Do You Want Cereal With That? Fortified! Soil Depletion. Whirlybird at Fire.


"What is a good cereal? What are worst cereals? Which cereals are bad? What are the best cereals.

About cereals, from kids cereal like Lucky Charms and Trix to adult healthy cereals. "

Natalie is a Registered Dietitian:


When we give our kids these breakfast cereals, which are basically void of nutrition and full of fake flavors and colors, we are not only robbing them of the nutrients their bodies need from a breakfast of real food, but we’re also training their palate’s to have to have the sweet, fake-flavored crap that they’ll only need to break themselves from when they’re older.


Magnetic Cereal

This can be done with any iron-fortified cereal:


Using a neodymium magnet you can extract iron from your breakfast cereal.


The metal filings are added because:

“The alarming fact is that food…now being raised on millions of acres of land that no longer contain enough…minerals are starving us, no matter how much of them we eat.”



Soil Depletion Is Going To Kill Us

" "They” say that if we eat fresh fruits and vegetables, we will get all of the vitamins and minerals that our bodies need, but "They" are extremely misinformed and out of touch with the new reality.

Modern farming methods have caused massive soil depletion on the commercial farm acreage upon which we grow most of our food crops and cereal grains on. All of this has happened in less than one hundred years, but with the exception of some smaller farmers and home gardeners that practice sustainable farming, involving crop rotation and composting, this soil depletion is continuing unabated today.

When the Second World War ended, the drug and chemical conglomerates inherited huge amounts of nitrates and phosphates which had been used in the manufacturing of munitions during the war. The conglomerates knew from earlier experiences, that these minerals made very effective fertilizer. They then started to aggressively market these N (nitrogen) P (phosphorus) K (potassium) fertilizers to farmers at extremely affordable prices. This made the traditional organic methods of farming uneconomical, so that by the sixties, the majority of American farmers had become wholly dependent upon NPK products.

This system of farming was a tremendous success, creating lush and abundant crops, so much so, that the United States had the ability to feed the world, but our soil and the consumers have been paying a very steep price ever since. NPK products grow wonderful delicious looking vegetables that appear green and healthy at the supermarket, but we are not vegetables.

To maintain good healthy bodies, we require 59 nutrients on a daily basis including 13 vitamins and 22 minerals. These supermarket vegetables are not overly nutritious.

NPK products were never designed for human nutrition, so they do not contain more than 8 of these essential minerals. Yet all of these nutrients are vitally essential for our health and well-being.

As each successive crop was grown on soil loaded with NKP products, the soil slowly became depleted, so that now our vegetables are now mineral and vitamin bankrupt. 

A good example is spinach, in 1948: a bowl of spinach contained 150 mg of iron, now that same bowl contains 2 mg.

Then, as if that is not enough, all these vegetables go through processing before they are marketed.  Processing removes a huge percentage of what vital minerals and nutrients are left. Removing grain husks, blanching, boiling, baking, steaming, bleaching and freezing all have the potential to remove nutritious aspects of our food. Then the produce is usually shipped thousands of miles to our localities so that even the freshness has disappeared as well.

And then as the last act in destroying all the goodness left in our food, we cook it, and throw the cooking water down the drain.

As an example, In a recent study to determine nutrient loss in potatoes over the last 50 years, it was discovered that the following losses occurred:

• 100% of Vitamin A
• 57% of Vitamin C and Iron
• 28% of Calcium
• 50% of Riboflavin
• 18% of Thiamine

We are what we eat!!




Do You Eat Sugary Breakfast Cereal?


"What makes breakfast and cereals a healthy breakfast?

Cereal nutrition, hot cereal or cold cereal…and which cereal brands provide a healthy cereal?

According to the book “Cerealizing America,” by Scott Bruce and Bill Crawford…

The cereal industry uses 816 million pounds of sugar per year. Americans buy 2.7 billion packages of breakfast cereal each year.

That means…if you laid cereal boxes end to end the empty cereal boxes from one year’s consumption stretch to the moon and back.

1.3 million advertisements for cereal aired on American television every year, or more than twenty-five hours of cereal advertising per day, at a cost of $762 million for air time.

Only automobile manufacturers spend more money on television advertising than the makers of breakfast cereal.

Most of the boxed cereals found in supermarkets contain large amounts of sugar and some contain more than 50% sugar (sugar smacks have 53% sugar).

Cereal manufacturers are very clever in their marketing, making many cereals appear much more healthy than they appear by “fortifying” them with vitamins and minerals.

Do you honestly believe there are health benefits from eating vitamin-fortified sugar?

Now, before you eat any cereal, read the ingredients list and see how high sugar appears on the ingredient list. Then check the “Nutrition facts” panel.

There are actually only a small handful of national commercially branded cereals that are made from whole grains and are sugar free. Shredded Wheat is one.

If you shop smart at a health food store instead of in your local supermarket, you are much more likely to find a healthy, whole grain, sugar free (or very low sugar) cereal.

Just watch out because some of the health food store boxed cereals are sweetened with fruit juice or fructose. Although this may be an improvement over refined white sugar, this can really skyrocket your calorie intake.

Although there are some good boxed cereals available, you may find it interesting to make a choice for unsweetened old fashioned oatmeal (not the flavored, sweetened packets).

This might surprise you, but most commercial breakfasts cereals with their hidden sugars and clever marketing are foods that turn to fat not to mention have little in regards to providing real fiber cereal or a good whole grain cereal.

Leave those sugary breakfast cereals on the shelf and go for organic cereal instead!"




Processed Foods Are the Main Cause of Disease Today.

"In the 1930s, Dr. Weston A. Price traveled the world to study various isolated “primitive” peoples who had yet to succumb to the “diseases of modernity”—heart disease, cancer, arthritis, diabetes, etc.

From the blubber-loving Eskimos of Alaska to the agricultural tribes of Central Africa, Price found that those who stuck to their traditional diets were virtually free of degenerative disease, while those in the groups who had begun to eat processed foods developed the same killer diseases that plague the Western world to this day.

The biggest culprits among the processed foods, Price observed, were always white sugar and white flour. This is not particularly surprising, since neither of these fractionated products resembles anything our bodies have historically metabolized.

For instance, today Americans eat about 160 pounds of refined sugar in a year.

The healthy primitives in Price’s study?  Zero!"      More at:




Jay's sister has finally been allowed back in her house after the wildfire.

Another friend in Magnolia sent this video of the choppers fighting the fire, notice the geese:

She said;

"The fire was only 6 miles as the crow flies from us, but thank goodness the wind was blowing the opposite direction away from us. It is really scary.

Not like a hurricane that you know will eventually pass, it is so dry it could start anywhere.  Kris had both of her cars packed for 3 or 4 days. So many of the people only had 10 minutes to get stuff together. When they finally got the fire contained, some people were still burning trash."

Here is Kris's email:

"Hi All,   Thought I would share some photos taken from my backyard, showing some of the efforts to try to stop fires getting closer to our neighborhood in Magnolia. 

We were told by police to be ready to evacuate.  While ash was falling all around us, we kept watering roofs and decks again and again. Then, out of nowhere, the DC-10 came over our house, which surprised us, because it was so low.  Then just a little later, in flew the Red Cross water helicopters over the lake and they began to scoop the water out. They did this about 7 or 8 times. (the red buckets hold 800 gallons) 

It was fascinating to watch, and at the end of the day we saw a major change in the fire, with no new plumes of smoke.   We were lucky not to have to evacuate after all.  With more DC-10's and these helicopters on the scene right away, I think some of these fires wouldn't get a chance to spread so fast.  Kris."

Here is one of the pictures she sent:










You can see how near the smoke is to the house.

Both of these friends are birdwatchers, so now they say that their new favorite bird is a Whirlybird!!


Ray and I did a few more jobs.  For some reason one end of my hedge grows quicker than the other.  It might be the tree dripping dew on it, or it might be something different in the amount of water it gets.  The whole hedge has an underground waterer, which I turn on, set for a time, and it turns itself off. 

Someone asked me why we had only cut one end of the hedge, so we remedied that with the hedge clippers.  Ray clipped, while I raked up pine needles and the clippings. 

There is nowhere to get rid of the pine needles, so they are all in a long pile, but they are away from the road behind me, where some silly sod walking or driving by, could throw a lit cigarette. 

Everyone will be so glad when we have a good rain, and the burn ban is over.


Swans-3 A few days ago, one of the swans in my collection over the patio door to the screen porch, fell on my head.  Ouch!!

Opening and closing the blinds each day, must have jostled it.  Time to stick them down with Loctite Mounting Putty.  While we were at it, Ray took them all down and I washed and dried them. One thing led to another, so we took some light fixtures down and washed them too.


That was enough for the day.

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