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Wheelchair Dogs. "Kandu". Jake's Leg. Elephant's New Foot. Tonka's Wheels. Vermont Labs. Iceland Whales. Battling The Sun.

Mammal Monday: Some "Special Needs" Mammals:

"Saving just one pet won't change the world. . . but, surely, the world will change for that one pet . . . "



"Heartwarming, Informative Movie shows how the invention of a new type of dog wheelchair changed the lives of three dogs and their families.

Watch Lucy run, Nina play, and Denali hike in the woods and go for a swim with his children! "




"Kandu", One Brave Little Dog

His new 'parents' made him new front legs out of skate board wheels, and even a skid for the snow.

Just watch him go!!  Video of "Kandu", the dog with no front legs.  



Jake, The Terrific Three Legged Dog

This pet video lifts your heart and makes you feel good!

Read about Jake at
"We always knew Jake the dog was special. Once he lost his leg in a tragic accident, we knew for sure. Jake has shown us a three legged dog can do anything a four legged one can do. Leg amputation is not the end of the world. "

Dogs are strong, they can overcome!


Handicapped Elephant


"In 2007, orphaned baby elephant Chhouk was found wandering alone in the forests of Mondulkiri Province, Cambodia. Badly emaciated and separated from his mother, this endangered Asian elephant had lost his left front foot due to injuries sustained from a poacher's snare.
Now his lifestyle has improved with the help of a prosthetic foot. Today, Chhouk is a healthy bull elephant, able to take long walks in the forest, frolic in the pool, and play with his adopted big sister Lucky."

Chouk's story:



The fastest tortoise on THREE legs: How injured Tonka races around on her toy truck

"Meet the tortoise on wheels who could give any hare a run for its money despite having her leg bitten off by a dog.

When vets found the female wild red-footed tortoise her left front leg was in tatters and they feared she would never be able to move properly again.

But after patching her up one rescuer had an ingenious idea to help the little reptile - using wheels from a child's toy truck."



"Tonka the tortoise had one of her legs savaged by a dog, but was given a new lease of life after her new owner strapped her up on the wheels of a child's toy truck"

Read more:



A mother-son yellow Lab combo are inseparable

"Most people have heard of a Seeing Eye dog for blind humans, but the case of Daisy and Duke, a mother-son yellow Labrador retriever duo, shows how Seeing Eye dogs can also help their fellow canines, Today's THV reports.

Daisy, 10, is completely blind, and her 6-year-old offspring has been leading her around for his entire life. The two have always been together, from the time they lived with a family to the six months they spend on the cold concrete floor of a shelter in Nebraska when their family had to foreclose on its home, the Prior Lake American reports.

The dogs were 24 hours away from being euthanized because they hadn't found a suitable home when a rescue group in Iowa, Secondhand Hounds, brought them to Minnesota, where they spend their time with a foster parent.

When the two dogs get too far apart, Daisy barks and Duke runs to her side, the news source reports. He watches her and guides her through the house and yard, teaching her how to maneuver the doggie door at their current home.

Secondhand Hounds is looking for a family who will adopt these pooches, and their trainer says their strong bond requires that the family take them both together."




Dozens of Dogs Saved from Deplorable Conditions in Vermont by David Sokol July 27, 2011

"Our animal rescuers have gone on hundreds of deployments–responding to crisis situations for animals in natural disasters, saving dogs from puppy mills, delivering horses from severe neglect, and coming to the aid of all kinds of pets from hoarding situations.

Yellow Lab dogs rescued from a Vermont puppy mill 
When animals end up emaciated or forced to live in filthy, unsafe conditions, we and other animal welfare groups have to respond. And it’s tough work. Our team puts in endless hours in all kinds of weather, they enter into often squalid and filthy conditions, and are known to engage in truly heroic rescues, whether scaling rooftops or crawling under houses to remove animals and bring them to safety.

On July 26, our Animal Rescue Team helped remove 54 Labrador retrievers from a Vermont puppy mill, working with the Vermont State Police, the Humane Society of Chittenden County, and the Franklin County Humane Society. This facility was selling dogs over the Internet and through classified ads.

The HSUS encourages people to adopt dogs from animal shelters or buy from reputable breeders they have screened in person rather than purchasing a puppy from a pet store or online seller, where dogs may come from puppy mills.


Our deputy manager of animal cruelty investigations, Ashley Mauceri, is no stranger to the sight of animals who have been living in misery before our rescue team arrives. Today, she sent an account of what stood out to her from the scene:

"The large property was littered with trash, old toys and bicycles, appliances and vehicles, with some dogs roaming outside and others kept in filthy wire pens and sheds. I could easily feel the ribs of many dogs when I ran my hands over their sides, and some had untreated injuries.

Inside the house were two litters of puppies kept in plastic baby pools, who were severely dehydrated and received immediate veterinary attention on the scene. Attached to the house was an enclosed porch where 10 or 15 dogs were confined. The glass of the closed windows had become so caked with dirt that I could just barely see through to the faces of the dogs. The porch and the rest of the house were thick with ammonia fumes from the animals living in their own waste.

Other dogs were living outdoors in wire pens, standing in inches of mud and feces and left with only dirty, dank tubs of water to drink. But what upset me the most were the dogs kept further back from the road, on the edge of the woods. There, dogs were living in windowless, nearly airless buildings. When we opened up the doors there was an overwhelming stench, and it looked like these dogs never got the chance to leave that place or breathe fresh air. The idea of these animals living their entire lives in complete darkness just broke my heart." " Help support our animal rescue work here.





Urge President Obama  to Sanction Iceland for Defiant Whaling 


whale"Urge President Obama to Sanction Iceland for Defiant Whaling

Despite an international moratorium on commercial whaling, Iceland is one of a small group of countries that continues to kill whales commercially. In the past, the U.S. has taken the diplomatic route in an attempt to negotiate with Iceland – but these efforts have failed.

Iceland continues to undermine an international conservation agreement and has killed even more whales than it did last year, ignoring the scientific advice for these endangered animals, and has no plans to stop.

Now, on the heels of the 2011 International Whaling Commission meeting, Commerce Secretary Gary Locke has certified that Iceland is undermining the IWC. The next step is for President Obama to impose trade or other economic sanctions on Iceland. This would have a negative impact on Iceland, forcing officials to reconsider whether continuing to kill whales is worthwhile.

Now is the time for the U.S. to take this significantly stronger measure – Iceland must be sanctioned for its actions. Please urge President Obama to pursue sanctions on Iceland and protect whales.

Be sure to edit the text below and add your own words, so your message will stand out."

To learn more, read the press release»   More at:




There is a new Coachmen Class B Mods Album for your viewing on the left hand side. Finally took the time to do it as I had to send some pictures that are in my Picasa Web Albums of my son's place of business, to him.


Not a very interesting post, but this is what we did.  Ray showed up promptly at 9.00 AM, as he wanted to work.   I had just watered the front lawn and the cargo trailer was still a bit wet from the spay of the sprinkler, so painting was out of the question for a while.


But the ACs in the house all needed a good clean so we worked on those.  The big one didn't take long, but the newest one where the computer is, gets used the most, and it was not doing a good job. The set thermostat temperature on it does not match the temperature in the room.  We took the front off, and washed all the little fins and things that direct the airflow.  We carefully cleaned the metal fins on the inside with a soft brush, and vacuumed everything that we could. Hopefully it will work better now.

We wash the fronts of the ACs and the filters in the workshop sink, and I dry the filters by putting them in folds of a heavy bathmat and stepping on it.  Because we were running in and out to the attached workshop, so that Prime wouldn't get in there she was locked up in a big cage, she made a couple of pleading meows, until I told her "That's Life, Get Over it", and she accepted that. Neither Misty or Bobbie cat will go down the steps into the workshop, so I don't have to worry about them.


pic016 (Small)

The main problem is that there is so much sun on that side of the house for most of the day, especially since those 5 dead pine trees were felled. Even worse in this record heat.  The said window is just at the very right of the picture, you can hardly see it, above that brown thing, don't remember what that was.

We installed a thicker mini blind, but a sliver had to be hack sawed off the width while it was chucked up in the vice. There is also a pull down insulating shade, and a cellular blind on that window, but the heat still comes through that window above the AC.   The AC itself has a metal awning over it on the outside, but I can see that whole window needs to have an awning, now.   It was always in the plans to build a big, wide, permanent, lean-to storage/sitting area all the way along that side of the house to shade it.  Maybe, this winter that will get built. 

Then I can install the other two windows in the workshop.  It would be unbearable in there without the added shade, at the moment.  Dizzy-Dick wondered what I will have to do once the cargo trailer is done….like I told him, there is plenty to do around here!! 


The kittens were locked up in a cage while we ran in and out of the grooming room to clean that AC, they just settled down, as they have been raised to accept that as part of life.


We had intended to clean the air cleaners, too, but Shay called Ray to quit for the day.

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