Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Church That Jesus Built. How Poor? Change Yourself First. Your Eyesight. Adoption Day.

Why are there so many diverse, conflicting practices in Christianity?
What truly is the Church? Learn the Bible's answer.

"Well, being religious is easy. Following the teachings of Christ is hard. You can put on the veneer of spirituality or being a religious person. You can go to church. You can have a Bible sitting on your coffee table. You can claim to be a Christian, but that's the easy part.
It's following the teachings of God; following the example, the life and the teachings of Jesus Christ of Nazareth who said that narrow is the way that leads to eternal life, and broad is the way that leads to destruction. Those who trod the narrow way are going the hard way. And so, it is, there's a difference between being religious and following the teachings of God."

"It doesn't take much of a study of Church history, especially early Church history, to understand that it, the Church that Jesus founded, very early met opposition and heresy began to creep in.
Other ideas from the different, from the Greek world, and eventually within a matter of a very short space of time, the faith once delivered was changed and other ideas--other than what Jesus taught and the apostles followed and taught, and we see in the book of Acts--made the Church a completely different church than what we read about in the book of Acts.

History can, you can document that in history, to the point where now today after hundreds of years, nearly 2000 years of Church experience, there are many different forms of religion that bear no resemblance to the teachings and the example and the life of Jesus Christ and the early Church." 
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How Poor Are You?
"Now's the time to take a journey to realize your spiritual condition.
This story is a reminder of a valuable spiritual principle found in Philippians 2 (verse 3).
(3) Don't be selfish; don't try to impress others. Be humble, thinking of others as better than yourselves. (4) Don't look out only for your own interests, but take an interest in others, too. (NLT)".


Road of Leather.
"If you want to change your world, start by changing yourself first."


How is Your Eyesight?
"You can't truly identify your God given potential without the right vision.
You miss out on the real purpose of your life. How is your spiritual vision?"



It's too hot, and no one wants to work on the cargo trailer, so it just sits there right now.    I should be trying to make the covers for the dinette cushions, but I keep on getting interruptions.  Though I did get a little measuring and pinning done.

The washing machine repair place does not have the guest house washer ready yet.  The timer that they picked up last week was not right, so it will be Tuesday before I can find out more about that.

As it is "Tax-free" weekend here in TX,,  the freeways and stores are going to be packed.  Another SPCA fostermom took my three foster cats to Adoption Day for me, and she picked them up earlier than usual, to hopefully not get stuck in the extra traffic.  I hoped someone would take a fancy to one, or two, or three of them, and put in an application.  But it was not my cat's turn!

When the person adopted Vinnie from our SPCA boss the other day, that left his best pal "Kashmire" all alone.  While she was at Adoption Day, someone put in an application for Kashmire. 
If their application is approved, and they adopt her, her webpage won't be up for long, so here is what it says:
Status: Available
Breed: Tabby / Mixed (short coat)
Species/Sex: Cat/Female
Description: KASHMIRE'S four kittens have all found new homes, so now she's adopted "VINNIE" .   If you're looking for two cats that already love each other, we're offering a special fee of just $100 for this pair (regularly $75 each).  Kashmire is a sweetheart that purrs every time you pet her and adores attention.  She's litter box trained and has great house manners.  Rather small for an adult cat at 7 lbs., Kashmire is probably about 2 years old.  She tested negative for FIV/FeLuk, has had her shots and been spayed.  She gets along well with other pets and would be a great role model for young Vinnie.    If you are interested in Kashmire and/or Vinnie please go to our home page at and fill out an online adoption application.  We'll be happy to arrange a time for you to come and meet pets in person to see if they're right for you.  Thanks for considering adopting an animal in need and please spay or neuter your pets."  

So we are all hoping that this was a successful Adoption Day.

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