Sunday, August 7, 2011

Proof of Jesus Outside The Bible. Non-believers. Adoption Day.

"Is there Proof for Jesus Outside the Bible? Randall Niles looks at ancient accounts of Jesus of Nazareth outside the biblical texts of Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Peter, James, Paul, and Jude." (Part 1 of 2)

"You give them the Bible, it isn't enough, they need more.  You give them more, and that isn't good enough. 
Well guess what, no other text in history has been preserved as well as the Bible, but that still isn't enough for some people.  
You cannot see things you do not want to see.  At the very least an atheist if he wants to be fair to Christians should debate them, look at evidences, but also ask God (honestly) the source of the faith to show Himself to them."

Can You Make Someone Believe in God, Jesus or The Bible?
"Witnessing for Christ is a great way for Christians to be of service to the Lord.
But at what point do you have to draw the line and walk away from those who simply refuse to believe?"


Was Adoption Day, so I was hoping that I would be feeling up to taking my three foster cats into Conroe's Petco, now that I am taking the meds for the bronchitis.   I was, so we took them.  Jay rode his 3-wheeler up here, so he hid it in the RVport, covered it, and chained it to a pole.

Misty and PrimePrime didn't want to go, she meowed a couple of "Oh! No's" as she was being crated.  She is getting so tired of being on display, and never getting picked, but she behaved once she was there. 
I just don't understand it, she is the most laid back, loving, good traveling, well behaved cat.  She never struggles when crated, comes when she is called, meows 'thank you' for her dinner, never put a claw on anything but her cedar board, never put a tooth on anything but her food, gets along with other animals, but nobody has ever put in an application for her.

I would adopt her myself, but she would outlive me, and be looking for a new home as an older cat.  I suppose she thinks of this as her permanent home, as she sleeps so still at the foot of my bed. I had to teach her not to play with my toes through the covers!  She is a fast leaner, and understands "No".  People just do not understand what an outstanding cat she is.

Jay had bought a special turquoise watch and watch band on eBay, and as it was in The Woodlands, we thought that we could go pick it up after we dropped off the cat and two kittens. There are a couple of big warehouse type thrift places down there, so we could visit them at the same time. But the seller never came forth with her address, even though she had "Local Pick-up No Charge" on her listing, so we just stayed in Conroe. 

At the Salvation Army store at the south end of town, I reaped some drawer type plastic containers, and some more fabric for my light weight bedspread, to be added to the floral bed skirt I bought the other day.  It will be better than the floral fabric that I was going to use, as this is plain.  Jay got a boot jack, once he knew what it was! And a thing for putting your change in at night, plus some elbow and knee pads for his three wheeler.  Well, not for the three wheeler, but for the rider!  There was a m/c helmet, but the strap was broken, it was fixable by a leather shop, but Jay didn't get it.

We dropped Jay's broken lawn mower off at the Western Auto near there.  Labor is $50 + parts!  We will see what their diagnosis is.  The next thrift shop had nothing we needed.

We ate at China Delight.  Their portions are so large, that we shared one.  We had Sweet and Sour Shrimp, but by the time I had picked off all those big wads of white flour fried batter off mine, there was hardly any shrimp. We wished we had gone to China Buffet, at least they don't make portions look huge, when they are not.  As I had finished the drink that I took with me, I downed two glasses of ice water while I was there, it was so hot going around town.  Jay ate all his shrimp as they were, breading too, and didn't feel well afterwards.

Then on to the Dollar Tree, it is the only store in town that sells the stronger reading glasses.  I picked up several pair for a neighbor and myself. I could hear a 'wing' cracking on mine, they break momentarily at that stage, so time to replace them.

We were at the stage where we didn't have time to go anywhere else, but were still too early to pick up the cats.  But we went back to Petco anyway.

We were quickly headed home as the foster moms already had my cats in their carriers, they packed up early, as it had been a very slow day.

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