Friday, February 25, 2011

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Winter Wildlife Quiz

North American animals have numerous strategies for surviving the winter.
Some migrate to warmer climes, others head for a long winter's nap, and some stay where they are and rely on fur, speed, fat, teeth, and claws to keep them safe, warm, and well fed. How much do you know about the winter behavior of North America's animals? Test your winter wildlife knowledge by taking our quiz.

ParkGuides: Browse or search North America's Parks and Refuges.

Get the most out of your next trip to one of our National Parks. With over 300 listings, eNature's ParkGuides offer descriptions, species lists, maps, and more for National Parks and Wildlife Refuges all over the country.


ZipGuides: Find out what's in your neck of the woods

Know what animals and plants share your backyard? Taking a trip? Use our ZipGuides to get a comprehensive local wildlife guide to the animals and plants native to any place in the United States. Or narrow your search to focus only on Endangered Species or poisonous and dangerous species.

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Handy Tip:
Carry a plastic grocery bag or two in your purse, tote, or pocket. Lay them flat and squish the air out of them. Then roll them up tightly so they don't take up much room.
We got into this habit because we often need one for picking up after our dog. We find they are handy for all sorts of things. Here are a few things we've used them for: collecting seashells, shopping at flea or farmer's markets, when we got caught in the rain and had wet shirts that needed to be stashed somewhere, and when picking up litter while out on a walk.


Cheap CG On Gulf Coast.

"Are you are looking for somewhere to stay on the coast of South TX, that is cheap, but not 'marvelous'?  You can put up with the lack of 'it' factor, if you will be sight-seeing, bird watching, or fishing during the day:  Near Port Mansfield, TX
It's not fancy. But, it is wonderfully quiet and peaceful. The owner is friendly. The sites are large. It's inexpensive -- only $160 a month."

Port Mansfield: "Situated just nine miles from the South Padre Island National Seashore and Bird Sanctuary on Laguna Madre, the city of Port Mansfield is filled with outdoor recreation and excitement. Those camping will find great campsites and a variety of activities such as fishing, boating, hiking, biking, and hunting."
"Located at the same latitude as Palm Beach, Florida, Port Mansfield enjoys mild temperatures throughout the year. Sea breezes cool the summer temperatures, which are regularly in the 90s in July and August. Warm tropical air patterns keep temperatures in the 50-degree range in the winter, rarely dipping down into the 30s in the coldest month of January. The majority of rainfall is received in early June and late October, although summer tropical storms can blow through between those times."
Read more:

"Visitors to the Bayview R-V Park will find a quiet, friendly atmosphere with plenty of outdoor recreation nearby. When camping at the park you'll find full hookups for water, sewer, and electric. Other amenities include a bathroom with showers and a clubhouse with a billiard table. Just a short walk from the campgrounds you'll find the fishing, boating, and other recreational opportunities of Port Mansfield. Wildlife, hiking, and biking can also be found throughout the natural surroundings of the area." 
Read more: Port Mansfield, Texas Campgrounds |


It is Jay's mother's birthday, so they are having a family get-together.  Ray is still busy with his dying father-in-law.

I was going to go into town to buy a new faucet for the cut-off in the garage, but I couldn't see the sense in going in for just one item, so I will use the time to do some, "GASP", housecleaning.

As I was vacuuming the back of the computer, I decided now was the time to install the new-to-me flat monitor, even though the squiggly lines go away on the old one, once it has warmed up.
The stand on the new one is a lot taller, so I may have to do something different to my desk, I will see how it affects me.
My granddaughter is always asking me why I keep on using my old mini-keyboard with the letters all worn off, so I installed a different one.  The right side of the space bar didn't work, so I installed this new keyboard, but it just isn't the same, so I am going back to my old one today.

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pidge said...

Thanks for the tips on the plastic bags. I hope they do away with those soon. Also, thanks for the tip on the CG. I will check it out. We are always looking for a good bargain.