Tuesday, February 8, 2011

2nd. Amendment. Maddie. Birds. Michelle

"WOW! Here's a video that I guarantee you won't forget anytime soon!  She didn't cry, although she came close to losing it, and she gave those a reality check they dearly needed.    Texas lady, Suzanna Hupp, a former Republican member of the Texas House of Representatives, had the encroachment on her second amendment rights so graphically illustrated.
The honorable senator from NY, Chuck Schumer, was getting a little uncomfortable in his chair. The room was absolutely dead quiet throughout her testimony and the gun banners (meaning Senators who want to BAN citizens' ownership of all guns) absolutely speechless as this little Texas lady chews them up and spits them out. She knows what the 2nd amendment is really all about." 
"Suzanna Gratia-Hupp,  gives very moving and bold testimony about the REAL reason that the second amendment was designed to protect our God-given right to keep and bear arms."
More at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luby's_massacre  and: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Suzanna_Hupp


I am scared of guns, but then I have hardly been around them, and saw too much trauma caused by them when I worked as a nurse.  Crazy people shooting at each other over nothing, children accidentally getting shot, etc.
Too many kids get hold of them, even if they are carefully hidden.  If they have to be hidden, or kept unloaded, what use are they in a sudden emergency?   My late DH had a permit to carry, but it was always kept in it's holster, and out of sight.  When we traveled, I never knew where he stashed it in the motor home.  So what if I had to use it?  Well, it was so bloody heavy, I would probably have shot off my foot!
But I did well with a rifle at the carnivals, if that counts?



I groomed Maddie the way her 'Mom', Claudia, had instructed, clipped the hair off her ears, and put her top knot up, but I don't have the mousse, LATEX bands, (not rubber)required for doing it right, so she soon shook it out.  Her 'bangs' will have to grow out for the best result.

I am with Gypsy, I think dogs look better 'au naturel', and Maddie surely does.  She had a top knot when Claudia got her, but it was so tight that it was hurting her head, now Claudia wants to put it up in barrettes.  That's OK, Maddie will just shake them out!

But there are some breeds that do not shed, or hardly at all, it just grows and grows, like a person, so their hair has to be cut, and they can't be left 'au naturel'.  Well, they could, but it would take so much time keeping them clean and brushed, then the hair would break off from being stepped on.

SAM_0593-1 My granddaughter, Michelle, came to visit for a while, and she was surrounded. 
Paco, with his usual wariness of strangers, didn't participate.

The birds have gone through a big bag of food during that cold spell. Whatever else got shelved, I made sure the feeder was kept full.  When the sun would warm up the screened in porch, the cats would like to watch them.

I am still trying to get caught up from all the jobs which got delayed during the bad weather, today.


Gypsy said...

I can understand that some dogs need to be groomed regularly, but at least let them keep their dignity. Dogs are NOT people, and it irritates me when people try to treat them as such - it's like saying "dog isn't good enough - you need to be like us". Dogs are just perfect as they are, in their natural beauty. That's my take on it!

Judy and Emma said...

Paco probably didn't want to participate because his name doesn't start with M. :)

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Thank you for your comments, Gypsy and Judy.

I am with you, Gyspy. I love my dog just the way she is, but I do have to groom her. Also because she is not motivated by money!
I cringe and almost explode when I hear someone say "It's just a dog"!

Judy, I never thought of that. But Paco was abused, and is terrified of strangers, that is why it is so hard to get him a 'furever' home.

Our local SPCA does not have a shelter as we prefer them to be in homes, so all our animals are with foster parents.
So that it is easier for my SPCA boss to remember where each of the fosters are, and as my name starts with a 'P', my foster's names all begin with 'P'. ie: Patches, Prime and Paco. I have used up so many names beginning with 'P' since I started fostering.

It is just a co-incidence that they all start with an 'M'. Maddie, Muffie and Misty had their names before they went to their present homes.

Michelle had always had that name too!
Happy Tails, Hugs to Lady and Emma, Penny, TX

Kathy and Robert said...

I remember the Luby's shootings, I lived in Texas at the time. I agree with Hupp and would use mine if it was in self defense. K

pidge said...

Good for her standing up to those ------. I have a healthy respect for guns, but am not afraid to use one, if I am forced into it. Thanks for sharing this video.