Sunday, February 6, 2011

Life Coaching Tips. 5 Most Important Words. We Won. Lead By Example. Boarders.

A Short Course in Human Relations:

Everyone has Battles:

Lead By Example:


SuperBowl Ad from last year:



Misty was really 'prancy' when she went to the vet yesterday to have her stitches removed.  I heard her bark while she was back there, and I asked the vet, who had come to the front for something, if the techs were hurting her, the vet said, "You can tell that is Misty with all the other dogs back there?"

Well, you can tell if it is your baby crying, can't you!

The vet commented how well she gets around being almost blind, and in what good shape she is in.  I explained that I always tell her "Up" and "Down" when there are steps, and she trusts me to do that.
I guess I am 'A Seeing Eye Person'!   Maybe I need to wear one of these.

The black lab was picked up by her Mom last night.  I was so glad, as she was getting bored and standing on her hind legs and pulling stuff down on to the floor.  She didn't chew on much, just an egg box that was in the trash (high-up), the handles on a litter scoop, and a dustpan brush.

She hampered my being able to go into the attached workshop, too, as I keep a lot of things in there, like batteries, etc.  


I didn't even want to wake her up to start my washing machine in there, as she spent a lot of time sleeping in her "den".

My 2 little borders arrived this morning, they stay in the house with us.  As I groom them both, I know they are housebroken, clean, don't have fleas, or anything that Misty, or my foster dog, Paco, can catch.
My dogs like to play with them, too, gives them something different to do.

My Animals 001 (Small)

Muffie, breed unknown, got here first, and then Maddie, the Yorkie. 

They are good friends, and play with each other a lot as they live across the street from each other.  Their 'parents' and Jay have gone to a casino.  I hope they keep enough to pay the board bill!

Now that I can easily get in to my workshop, without being jumped up on, I am catching up on laundry, replacing batteries in my TV remote, and stringing phone cords to my 'new' phones, today.

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pidge said...

Loved the cat video. That is so true... :)