Saturday, February 12, 2011

The History of Valentine's Day. How To Burn Off Chocolate.

From The History Channel:


Calorie-burning chart
If you are going to indulge in chocolate, this is how long it takes to burn off ONE Snickers bar:
"Here's how to decide whether to pass up a temptation or enjoy it with no regrets: Put a fitness price tag on your favorite indulgence that shows how much extra workout time it will take to burn off its calories.

For example:
Enjoying an occasional cheesy slice of pizza may be well worth the price -- adding an extra 36 minutes to your regular brisk walk, 20 to a bike ride, or only 15 on a stair-step machine. Boom!
Just like that, those calories are gone. But do you also have 60 more minutes to spare to walk off that chocolate cake?
Here's a sampling of treats -- the kind that even the healthiest eaters often find too good to totally give up -- and how much time it takes for a 135-pound person to burn them off. Now those extra calories won't show up on your scales. Or your waist." 
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My thought:
"how much time it takes for a 135-pound person to burn them off"…. Why would a 135 lb person be worried about it??

He who does anything because it is the custom, makes no choice. ~ John Stuart Mill




The critters and I just mostly stayed inside trying to keep warm.  The sun is out, but it is still cold out there.

These are my foster animals:

SAM_0615-1 (Small)

After a while, Paco thought twice about sitting in the sun, his favorite pastime. 

SAM_0629 (Small)-1

 Prime wanted to stay out on the porch in the sun,

SAM_0627-1 (Small)

but Patches couldn't make up her mind, and wanted in, then out, then in again.

But we are all glad that this will be the last of this cold spell today


Gypsy said...

My metabolism must be on overdrive, although I am not aware of it. I wish I could weigh 135 again! I'd settle for 125 now.

Dizzy-Dick said...

The only chocolate I eat is 70 percent dark chocolate. The health benefits outweight the small amount of sugar in that dark of chocolate.